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Lyrics for "Darkness"
the darkness - i see it all clear now
as if it wasn't just me or you
like the days when i thought of
making a difference, when i thought
there was something we could do

the darkness - why to even try
but then again, why not?
it's just that bringing light here
is so difficult; such strength
many of us haven't got

the darkness - always so keen to arise
given a chance, no reason to hesitate
suddenly, surrounded by fears, and
everything seems too late

the darkness - all that i see now
close my eyes with a silent sigh
no feelings; sadness, fear, or hate
no more darkness, in a burning brightness i fly

and when i think of
all the things we have done
all the things we are doing
all the lives we are ruining
when i think of our history
the present, and the future
i can't see any point
i can't see any meaning


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Bestial Warlust 03.07.2007
tätähän voisi melkein luulla ekalta kuulemalta black metalliksi kunnes alkoi kunnolla mättö,perkeleen kovaa,iskee metalheadiinkin.
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