Sentenced To Life

Ever-Existent | 14.02.2007 | Melodic Metal


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what my eyes denied to see
i am no one, and nothing i will become
much is lost or not ment for me
life made of denial is the sentence of mine

confined. isolated.
in the darkest corner of this hopeless mind

can not stand this fuckin hell
can not say i'm fine
behind these lies, and cheerful smiles
nothing inside of me

sentence of life
punishment without crime
done my time, suffering without a reason

somehow i always believed
my turn would come, making this pain worthwhile
now i open my eyes to see
so far i've become, to see the end of the line

unchained yet neverchanging
in the distant corners of this lightless world


there is two ways out of here
out of this cage by a bullet or sharpened blade
there is no need for no one to mourn me leave
for my sentence is: life


in the end even pain fades away
death is certain, i choose the faster way
make amendments for mistakes i have made
once and for all, i set all things straight...


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