New Age

Orgadigosyes An Angel From Edens Paradice 19.06.2018


Incarnation and Reincarnation

Incarnation is the circle of life from minor to major and its possible to reborn but rarely. Reincarnation is a rare unition event is some possible turn in life. New life borns from blessing of God and so whom gives between will share a continuum and birth. So good father and mother give the best possible with love to new born soul of love.

I was sended from angels eden other than our God and i was original angel of paradice called Orgadigosyes. I came with my egg of life and born here now earthly and live forever with this universum of our Gods

This Song...

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New Age

Wave Of Glorious Atmosphere Of A Cherub 19.06.2018


Wave Of Glorious Atmosphere Of A Cherub



Perfect Consciusness

Mind And Heard – Wisdom And Love

Together Care And All We Have

Liberty And Freedom

After all, we have a common interest in the peace, harmony and prosperity of All. Regional prosperity, therefore, depends on serious efforts to promote economic growth.

We must do our deeds with dignitity and care and so we love each other and get everything we need.
We have more credit if we so all better and well


Everything Is Magic

More And More

Give it to Get it too

Everything Invented Is...

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New Age

Illumination Of Affectionate Esprits On Earth 19.06.2018


New Age Chistian Knows Now All Values and Is Being with Love And Wise. Master Of Truth Man Will This Way Be.

All We Know What Is Right And We Are Sure How Things Have To Be

Stone Of Love Is You And All Together. Man Can Be Great If Common Understanding. God And His Son Are Holy And Love Will Pray The Light Of Truth Allways More.

Sexual Love and understanding of a gender

Male has penis and female has vagina

From a male borns new and female carry and cares it

Male is perfect bliss if matured and so in all way orgasmic to female

Seksual love and understanding is the way with both gender...

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New Age

Beyond All Extant Is Veridically Crafted 19.06.2018


Beyond All Extant World Is Veridically Crafted

This Is The Last Message Of God

Phenomenon God mean the evolution of man to have surplus of exist of human. Every human being bends reality to have more of life and everything in possibility of developing world

If i can be like the Sun of the world with you so you can too shine light together with all and flowering heaven we will then forever be. World is to shine glorifull if you choose it to be so too and the unite blessing would be a perfect and fruitive tree of life forever to all. So there is one and so there is many and the love...

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