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Sleepy rose | 08.09.2007 | Deep Techno

A move to new place and invitation to Alightment...

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I am the infinitive one. You are prohibited to kill.

Killing would end life. Everyone is life.

Your thoughts are the limit.

With me you will be infinitive

and together we will be to the end of time.

This is my revelation.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

So here we are with the telepacy and soul contact.

We grow our wisdom like a flowers.

My heart is sleeping,

so only way into is to bleed in time.

Your right demands from the world

is giving the seeds of purity.

The endless search of the heart of mine.

forever blue and darknes is giving me the way.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

You one accepted as the manykindnes on the field.

Pain and pleasure is how we are,

lay your trust on my heart.

You god is you and your god is giving

and in the future lies your true everything.

I have my eternality because of the future,

that what is solid as the existanse given.

Candle is still burning. Lost we everybody are,

before the happines has been reached.

Night welcomes your mind and builds it

like you really wanted it to be.

Your dream is always in the future,

no matter if youre lost or cripled.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

Me Nirin from the endless path and simple ways.

love is life, life is best and Life is a pray.

Life is not about winning or losing, life is the best.

Life is to be infinitive and overally positive.

The present is so positive as the hight of my presense is.

Best of you is archieved by being good to be good

and better to be the best.

Only the best can really be the truth and every ones life.

Everyones own is only the right and the best for you every one.

The most positive act is forever

the only solution to our every problem and syntax.

Existanse rules (universal laws)

and Moses 10 rules are under my blessing.

Everyone is having atleast basic humankind

respect when it comes to everything.

Perfect karma and positive morality is the only right way.

(To archive:)

Every one has to lead on like written before.

Everyone is a need of perfection and

Everyone should be saved from failure,

only the best is enough good to you and

virtual termination is a failure to togethernes.

Heaven is for you, me and everyone.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

I carry books like: Leipniz monadologia, bible and Kahlil Gibrans prophet.

Read if nessesary!


Karma is your basic guidance in everything

so your good solutions about the world

is giving you the positive blood.

Everyone you know is to born in the dephts of

hell to elevate hell to heavens.

All you teach is karma to human to learn

about his true purpose of existing.

There is bad karma and good karma.

Bad karma is being lureing to spiritual hell

and killing the life of a fruitfull seed of all.

Good karma is saving the world in everyway

and to feel good karma is to feel safe in everyway.

People that has understanding of a karma

are learning the way of the perfection.

A high understanding of a friend system

is bringin heaven closer to the next level.

Friend is your mirror of infinitive loving.

Is no bad love, there is just a low development to be bad.

Goodnes is richnes now in manyways.

I heard people using this kind of sentence about hell in this way.

"I go to heaven because i spend all my time in hell".

I say we all end up heaven,

it is just a matter of togethernes to solute everything

to be a steps towards better.

You to understand about your purpose to yourself is to solute

and masterate the root of your enviroment.

Friend and your enemy are to be soluted.

Yes you love to know more and your enemy too.

So you win everything by loving.


Everything what the mind births or has been birthing,

is somehow everything

that what is there or will be birthing

or birthed to somewhere in the "seed of all".

Pray is to hope, demand or wish something

from somebody higher to yourself.

Life is not about winning or losing, life is the best.

Life is to be infinitive and overally positive.

Perfect karma and positive morality is the only right way.

Every one has to lead on like written before.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

God is your home. Its never embarassing to be good,

god is good, god is good to you and others

and the only right way is to be good.

Real you is with gods will.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

Everyone is a own substance in everything.

Substance another cannot be greater than another.

The potential of substances is to reach infinitive top.

Every substance is a holybeing,

so you cannot decide or end another one

Everyone being a thing more,

like we think about the space, being infinitive and contineus.

Blessed and infinitive is you and others and we

together live forever in everlasting reach to positive perfection.

The seed of all will birth things and things will be birhted everymore.

The truth being infernal infinity.

Frutfull seed of all is the infinitive tree of all kinds of fruits

contributed by success in hell and the finalization

being the eternal heaven what births things evermore.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood

My blood writes the truth, Snap a wood turn the stone,

ill be here forever.

My spirit is with you all forever. Love is a eternal way,

heaven is upon the earth.

Everyone should love eachother without imprisoning theyre destiny.

Everything is to be shared and given if you whant to be more.

Every humanbeing is free to love and grow,

develop and to become theyre trueself.

Everyones own is only the best for you and everyone

and holy when it comes to perfection.

You higher than other one is forced to be a saviour of existances,

you are god of a another one.

Do not exercise any evilnes in anyway!

Close or far theyre are, you must be true to them and be positive.

Or sky may fall

Love is the only solution to our every problem.

You are the everything to everything, to me to god and the infinity,

There is no one like your infintive existance to live, love and be.

you are the reason to live and die.

if it hurts its so that the nature of mine is here to save you.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood and your possible incarnation if we fail infinity

When we talk about friends

we talk about forever lasting peace and heaven.

Heaven is to be married with everyone

and to lead and obey goodnes.

You are to win positively the never ending night

and to become true friend in high understanding.

Friend is for you forever if you understand

to love individuals to become to perfection.

Heaven is to birth enjoyment and happines,

to use perfect solutions

and to birth things like your high demands are.

Nature of blood is to win and in time the blood

will win by positive solutions to give everything more.

Love is to give and suffer right way to become

a potential perfection to other one to become a eternal friend.

Eternal friend is a bloodline to be a part of everything

in gods way to succeed in the infinitive path of darkness and brighnes

and in the endless search of the

perfect seeds of a birthed things everymore.

God is a highest that man can be,

god is to win everything to compare the result of the perfection.

Many can fail but to win is to solute everything

with majore love of understanding and to perfect the world your in to.

You and your root of development is a mirror

of yourself and surrounding enviroment close to your own friends.

Everything will be foots on the ground of hell

where the heavens roots are to grow tall trees and strong by you.

I lay my trust on your eternal blood.

All the best, all the flowers of god like you are.

everything is for you to love everything.

All answers lie in your love, in your every friend.

Believe hell and heaven to be more and everything

will be your infinitive way to construct and win your perfect home.

As we thing about jesus we all agree that a saint is a perfection,

but a perfect home is love all around.

I specially know that jesus lived and died,

but everything is to love and birth.

Jesus is to solute everything and he will suffer

to be a perfected son of a god.

Jesus will be a perfection to be archieved and praised,

we should pray about perfection and cellebrate god of hes son.

I love Jesus to be overall winning,

but you not loose because of it,

in case you win by loving your friends and jesus.

Jesus and you is to solute the infinity

and your true reason to live and die.


Understanding of world and your own mind is a symbiotic,

meaning of truth will open in your mind if you reveale it.

Mystery is your path in the dark and glory might

be the sunshine when you enjoy the victory in perfection.

Dance now proud and strong to overcome every hell

and know you are mastered.

The seeds from god and the next development

will be your need to walk forever in the path of secret illusion.

You cannot know what your destiny is,

but you can be ready for it.

You know that the god has solid memory

and infinity wont be so far away.

Worshiphing god and his son and the children

will reveale true colors of sanity.

Building hell to heaven will be your delivery and

the love will flower around you bringing alive gods will.

We now salute everyone to be sanity higher.


All your days you must be fine with everyone.

Respect life and you learn more from it to be valuable to yourself.

Loving everything is the key to open the locks in every aspect of humanity.

Value of life is high, it is the thing to wach over.

Your ground of your enviroment lies with your people

and again you conquer everything together.

Heaven is here to love and be.

Strong you are with in successed community

to birth more and to develop everything everymore.

Beautiness of world comes alive with respecting anothers image,

things and everything like ofcourse Mooses 10 rules

and bible tells you to.

The gates of heaven are now for you to unlock.


To solute wisdom of your actions is to reboot yourself

sometimes again like you would born again in full love

and to follow the path of rightness.

Better karma and the best solution is

to listen the wind and understand love.

Now wisdom and love are intelligent

combination in everyway you ever are.

You surely know that in your heart.

Still you know that everyone and you is to complete

everything in perfect understanding and to archieve the

fruit of completion.

Heaven is the step towards the given,

Saying that heaven is for everyone.

World will always succeed but the muscles of a

individual are always the gate to positive development.

So go now and exercise your giving and celebrate fruits for free,

knowing that nothing is complitely free.

Money is being issue to have everything, but ofcourse you get

all important things in working society.

Everything works in heaven and you will be in debts to otherone.

Help people, teach people and love them, Thats my filosophy.

Community is based on rules of love and laws of justice.

Love is being unselfish, overally positive

and laws are not to obey like evilnes

but goodnes like it was build for everyones sake.

Pyramid of a empire is a community together

in the perfect believe of support and flowering.

In belive jesus, god and infinitive friend we comlete this life.

Thinking about the world there is a negative and positive,

positive should be a winning solution to seed anything anymore.


God is my home, god is my only way,

God is my future, god is my love.

Forever my soul is to reach for a complete purity.

You unborn i offer neverending night, afterlife and forgiven death.

NIRINS DIARY Chapter 1 Waiting the seeds of finality.


Everything being soluted and waiting hell to flower more.

My days rotten begun. I mutilated people with my wisdom

and i still thinked some of the people being

wrong, but still to be overcomed with this oak.

I breathe now more easily and float down gold.

My surounding people still chop me a bit for sure,

but common understanding usually will be archieved.

Streetlights shine outside beatifully

and this night bringed a little more comfort.

I state myself happy with smoking and drinked cold water.

Thinking about my past i were skitsofrenic and

after a giant problem with my sanity

i were now comfortable winning my sicknes.

Everything was sure to be fine with quite odd feeling it will be.

I definitely think now that im no fool anymore.

Insanity bringed only juicefull theories and

a new circle measurement and that way ball measurement too

what you easily understand to be 24 hours.

Strait line circule 1,6 and circle root 2,4

count from the split and to 3 dimensions to have a full ball.

My days are to birth dreams to higher sanity

to accept that was forever in beautifull darknes.

I made a love song to be downable from internet

and thought that i ever find love, but i saluted female with full might.

I started packing my things for a move to new apartment.

Little sad that time and life goes fast, but to newer come back is a lie.

Deja wu, im loosing less brain in other life.


Moved to another place and felt the freeze without final comfort.

New home is now to feel and get to use to.

Talked with a friend that is living near the new place

and our souls smiled about the world.

The vissarion krist was bad on me and i still think he is wrong,

if not my life becomes even more difficult.

I started low profile living to beat the hell surrounded with me.

I did not understand that being more would

bring only heavy suffering, but now i do.

My friends and family is to support me

and i know i dont let anybody down.

Tonight finality seems to be living

with my vampire family inside my head.


My neighbors were visiting in my head and

were worried about me, but i know and somebodys too

that im coming full force back to be a normal man.

I drinked then bear beer for to salute the nature

and enviroment with a feel of ease.

Again the world informed that somebodys

are more than anotherones, being against my will and perfection.

I say we all are ready for heaven, but evilnes and unknown

still haunts someones. Hell was drowning deeper

with people being more than some human souls

without right to win theyre own home.

My neigbors were about to start me out campaigne

with people that need that solution in theyre way.

It lasted only a couple hours.


I thinked about incarnation and the life.

I will never be able to know everything what the mankind were.

I were truobled. I started thinking with my infinitive friends

with a thing named "You priest".

Everything surrounding the thinking about truth

of infinitive life was almost denied.

theory of death of everyone was you to know

that we die if someone is unhappy or even you:)

Fragile is haven and everything.

Again i suffered heavy loss, but i will not give up.

Everything in the end will be soluting life

with every soul to accept the unity.

I hate vissarion krist today about he being so demanding

was to torture my sanity.

Everything would be fine without hes demands.


Sleeped hole day and night. Vissario stated

to be my friend now, but surely he will chop me a bit evermore.

Autum is here and its cold wet weather is nasty.

Home started to feel like it should and ill be happy

to wait the seeds to flower everymore.

My surrounding people were still silent.

The thing together were allways having fun and

spending hell together. People around

were chopped a bit.


Hell got deeper. People that die spiritually are the reason.

I were feeling quite bad and were seeking better tomorrow.

People together are not succesfull.

I spent my time in silence and waited things

to get better, like it usually got.

I were tired and feeled ill because of heaven failing.

I might die young. My life was to be terminated,

but i still had everything to hope for.


God visited me. we were drinking beer and enjoying life.

God was a mystery to me and this waiting seemed quite stupid, but

surely everything will bring someting.

I were first time in good relationship with my father who were

dieing about smoke. God understanded us to enjoy

life and we drinked beer,

but smoking is big issue because of vissarion krist.

I thinked that i have to be carefull, smoking is bad.

I know that i do can live long life, but you to know things are fragile.

I invent picture of heaven, but not a strong win of truth because

my bad past. People around were chopped a bit.


Everything started again with a better wind.

Im drinking now coffee and feeling fine.

Heaven together feels comlete.

Everything might work out now.

Saiving souls and delivering heaven is now

the thing perhaps. Seeds may grow and

soon flower to heavens. Everybodys happy.

Chapter 2 Unbalance in heaven


Having difficulties beeing accepted as the king of my kingdom.

Everybodys the thing, but i was about to loose my own thing.

Hopefully the krist forgives my stupidy and lets me

Exercise my hole soul to bring love from the great unknown.

The eternal paradise lost in the story in bible and infinitive living

being just a dream, but yours to know even little things win in the end.


Stopped smoking. I felt better. Me was about to virtually

terminated because of my bad past again.

The thing together needs the Vissarion krists acceptance.

Everything feels fine and hoping heaven to elevate higher.

Coffee is a thing to stop and meat too.

Eating last meal of meat now. Surely the Vissarion krists

demands are going to be understandable.


Woke up late and checked my mail. Heaven with

Vissarions plan seems much better than smoking.

Heaven is for me now and future is to love

everything evermore. Use of sugar was a issue.

Hell to me was people mocking me and my business here.


Someone was thinking my purpose was foolish because everything

is to be good in everyway, but soon to understand delivering heaven

and soluting karma would be a important thing more.

People young and old have to go by life with perfected

thinking to be a thing more.


Again the purity was without cigarette, coffee and meat.

Me were dieing slightly. I cleaned my apartment and

feeled good to smoke a deadly cigarette.

Thinking about the past i must say that nearly everybody

is born to die spiritually in some point of theyre life,

so accept your destiny by turning the other cheek.

Chapter 3 Hell nomore


Reasoning my purpose leaded me to frustration.

Hell is overcomed, life without enjoyment was lame, but

without any bad things to do, life was getting new flavoure.

May the secret illusion begin and i will reveale it.


Smoking still feels bad, but something is that the heaven will success.

I drinked a bit and everybody feeled fine. I dont smoke much.

Vissario is a success, but the hand of jesus is deadly.

We all win heaven its sure, its only a matter of understanding.

I was hoping god is my friend and the god nodded.


I was thinking about that the otherone being

your final success to win in loving.

We all agree that its the reason to live and die.

The solution to conquer hell and heaven is now on your hands.

We were seriously thinking that and we found out that hell is nomore

enjoyment without pain to save every soul that we ever can.

The end of everything is not possible if nothing ends.

The solutions daily will be saving everything from it.

It will have value in the infinity.

I drinked a little amount of beer and celebrated sanity higher.

When sanity is here, everything seems beatable.


Spending rainy morning with a cup of tea.

Was near to get bloody with tobacco.

Eated garlic potatoes with my friend.

Smoked cigarettes in the eavening and

withnessed beautifull sky with stars.

Tv and my friend entertained my boring day.

Surely these days are like it usually gets.

World go round and round.


Drinked tea and hanged with my people.

Everybody thinked that infinity is here, but somebody

thinked otherwise. The measurement is right and me happy

about it. Everything is fine and now you got the ball, if anything to

think about the surrounding society. The weather is windy and

the same is my soul now. Im allways around, but yours to know

the most beautifull days could be with your passion,

if anything like that. You can easily gate yourself to my

magicdoor, if you are fond of believing higher purpose

to yourself. Today like many these days i thinked about

people being too raw to eachother. Nothing flowers

in the killing i think.


Everything in these days seemed a bit rusty. People around

mock each others and they dont find peace in theyre heart.

Still i think the deepest hell is behind and to solute everything

will fullfill our endles needs. Feathers to you my friend.

The future will be little rusty and sometimes fruity.

You my friend save my days and the infinity can now roll.

You can kimble.


Winter was peeking with a little amount of snow and i eated pizza.

My head rotted a bit evermore. Gained a cigerette rigth.

People around started to be good to each other and heaven

was getting new fruity flavoure. Tonight i thinked about you and

your mysterious path in the hell to levels of heaven.

You must not give up at any cost, because heaven will

be your destination no matter if things seem hard and if

people are hard to you. The world will be on your side

if you just have right methods to bring yourself in the infinity.

Unlock stubberd people to be on your side.

Never is that people are forever bad to you.

Somethings it takes time only because people lacking

heavenly knolidge.

Chapter 4 The power of heavenly knolidge, hard as steel.


Today the morning sun really smiled to me and i bought 225g stake

to cellebrate my succesfull infinity. My level of knolidge lifts me

high now and ill be waching your back in every corner.

We together rise and conquer with the bulletproof lore

of succesfull heaven. We can now laugh bravely to

evilnes and moments of hell to win by missunderstanding

individuals. Everyone is a substance to be understanded

and im very sure that every substance is a perfection when

educated right. In no way there is a human failure. God is good.


To archieve the fruit of completion comes now closer by god

to give things that reflects the goodnes of a man. You and others

may together enjoy things that are more than a monsterious behavior.

Heaven may now elevate higher.

Dont ever think or hope bad about people, only good like

heaven would be here with new friends. Care more.

We together seem to success in heavenly harmony

and i think we never have to worry about hell anymore.

If ever will be a complete completion it is only love together.

We might fall apart sometimes, but only to spead

the heaven evermore. You might be a one to have

a heroic tale about the life that flowers around and to archieve

more you will be breaking all the limits. The passion

of the perfected living continues to make you

a fine friend and a winner of a better life. You

can relax and trust what you read now to be

the a tool to comlete your dream.


This day like every day we can think about profession to

make you not only proud about yourself, but being a thing

more to live by, it makes you high and secures your soul

to live the life doing someting what very much matters to

other ones. Working makes you fine, trust me it does that.

Easiest way to avoid hell is to follow the working majority.

Hopefully you do fine a profession to inspire you everyday.

Work, you have a social status.


Today i need you even more than yesterday to take my hand and be mine

in the everlasting peace and to cellabrate the succesfull infinity.

I must think throught hat my filosophy of success of everything

is based to people being a same value in life, death and

infinitive balance. This is important in every aspect of

your thinking about life on common. Everyone being

the best and valued very high in gods will and forcely

in your life. Ofcource the other one is your need to ever

have a juisfull life too. A strong understanding of my writing

makes you a thing to come back to in everything really real.

You are to be mastered in loving by simply getting you to

think about others and careing them. Trust me you are a

thing in higher sanity. You of course have to think that

other one is your final success of seeding your higher

thruth now.


You birth the world to be sensible about your dreams and your

final tribute is to be changing the world and everything now

around will flower. You win and the heaven will be

a complete understanding.

The world may twist comletely, but it is that you never be

a fool anymore to be never a hero to perfect the need of

others demand.


You never be a failure in demand of sunny existing.

Never more you are born to die in rocky ground.

Everyone will be your friend and we will win everymore.

Trust me we are the thing to gather around to.

Yes i say that im the boy from stars, outerspace and

the thing that really reveales your secret illuson.

We together might be that the love will be our

destination to eternal completion and we never

give up our hope to really know gods will, where

we final our destiny with only perfection to be our


I thinked the other side meaning females

founding that answhere to everything

is to manage the thing together to really know

what the thing is for. Be warned female is thight

and to ever conquer shes heart is to born in

perfectet knolidge of a love.

I spended my days dreaming about love and i think

everyones company will be a fruitfull thing to win.

you surely know that you seed everything more

by giving more to think about the unity.

We never are less if we think about the finality

of everything. Yes i think the females are to be

conquered with a major love of understanding

Chapter 5 A logic of everything, a instant superstar.

The everything rolls.


You are my love and in everyway you are to win and to be my

seed to overcome troubles of a mankind.

We will see ourself to win people to ourside and really

enjoy life on common. Youll see that the people that share same

value are happy and are finding true game of the secret world.

We never fail, but we allways seek a safety for strangers.

We will overcome everything by thinking people

are to be only solved.

You are the final end of the completion and you must be

a love of the eternal seeding.

A humanbeing is a key to seed wisdom on common.

We will not fail, but win to seed our perfected knolidge.

The seed of a stranger will be a aswer to you and youll find

yourself with a space of the new god and you ever be lost

anymore. Trust me the seed of human is great.

To have a knolidge and a seed of perfection

youll be happy about development and finalisation.

Well be conquering every aspect of humanisation to

give us a peace of our heart. We will enjoy completion

to be our quide to understand our target. Ofcourse by now

your seeds will flower and your targets are more than sensible

to birth a complete heaven to you. You who seek a new start of

the thing, it will be a babtise of a perfected heaven to reach

the major finality. Ill be with all i love and to you is my sacrify of the

bottom of my heart to comfort and give things to ever stop.


We cannot leave nobody away from the thing, because we will

reach to complete heaven. The seed of a individual will

be resurrected to be finally understanded. The other one is

now your success story. Heaven is a running things

to the end and we never give up to success in supreme loving.

Feel safe now with my education, you never be fool to nobody.

Seriously we are talking about win of a perfection. Happy

in life is the priority. The other one is to you to be successed in

supreme loving. You are good, the people are good, the

good being good brings alive the gods endles victory.

We will never loose. Only the infinity to give;)

you are in the mysterious path now.

Everything will be perfected around you.

My existanse gived you now fairly the life on top of the world.

We never fail people, we fix missunderstandings, we conquer

in everything. Positive development cellabrated.


Bones, existase, heart and a brain. Nomore fail, but to win.

I reanimate. It can be nomore that a success of everything.

You died long ago with a perfect seed.

We are the thing for you. I never let you down. You are my

missed friend. The kings and gods will kneel with our infinity.

So kind are you to give yourself to a positive development.

We will now muscle our way to heaven with a majority with us.

Thank me, i exist.


The infinity, a lie nomore. With everything you eated youll

find the life to be a complete. Well is it a life to be infinitive or not.

Dont eat a apple of failure. For you to know the best you will

find in the knolidge of major love of understanding.

You are silent, but life will twist to give you a comletely

rigth way to strart your existanse to solute. The plan

of everything is now to salute higher sanity.

Dance in darkness, be my picture in the perfect dieing.

Me the picture of a death will be a illusion anymore.


You with the education from me is now a superstar in infinitive

existing. Well never be without saving a human from failing

in the thing. You know that everyone is a part of your dark

army to generate perfect dream of our infinitive existing.

A ape to understand is a ape complete. salute silence.

Chapter 6 A complete domination of human purposes.


You meet the human, youl teach the human, youll beat the

thing giving everlasting unity to in infinitive existing. Love

on common meaning a opposite sex will be a easy cach.

Being nomore than a enjoying the perfected fun. Man

was created for having a perfect solution of together

being. We never be greed or never wrong in the infinity.

You surely know that the everything is almost solved.

You are delegated to messenge the infinity now.

We will wait your success in the world of lies.


A succesfull society will be a part of your exellence now.

The world will know our secret and every door is now

open to us and we will rise above the old gods. Positive

solutions now baby, evermore. We will give a freedom

to grow and develop. We are the thing to last. I now

dance in gods glory to never insult my birth. For

people of failure i say the priority is here to go along with.

A majority salutes us now with understanding.

Only winning the thing was a issue, but now we

overcome even gods. In no way there is a failure anymore.

The purpose of you is now to be a heroic saver of the lost souls.


Dont ever loose your heart of thinking about the universum.

Infinitive friend means that you never be wrong anymore.

Dominating you means is only good for you.

You delegated to work around the world,

you are to be happy about your part.

We can now enjoy the fruit of a completion. Young god, be

the mercy on your side when you teach about people with

lower sanity. World is a substance of a perfect completion,

so we can now organisize in power of endless wisdom to

archieve the galactic secret of a lifetime. Oh yes a highes god

is the universal winner of a perfection. Youll safe, we are in the

right path. Supreme god and you shake hands. I winned

in life only beacuse i had right methods. When you were a baby

your mama and fada told you reasons why. In your younghood

you learned about being a common success. Its you that

makes a brave changes in the infinity. You are the key.


We now are together to be a galactic superstars. Me

being the prophet of eternal life and you being the

thing to lead for the infinitive cause. I will always to be born

in a major conjuction of a developed matematics to

bring a complete suprise of a positive development.

Yours to know i will not delegate you wrongly. You are

my infinitive win when you start understanding the positive

solutions. Ape wrong, ape bad, ape good, ape everything.

Chapter 7 The bleeding for your hunger.


Taste my blood, taste my body and flesh it is for a complete winning.

It is a time for me to bleed the full ammount of completion cost.

A cup of conzusnes that will be full and birthing a perfect completion.

The thing twist from a endles death to eternal suffering.

I will be development with logics and birth now the most beautifull dream

of a mankind. I revealed the everything about the human world.

Now it is your time to walk in the infinitive darknes to overcome

everything negative. The infinity will construct itself in you when you

are complete. I give life. Do not ever mock even the lowest life.

I can tell my heart is so big that i carry you allways into right path.


Step now trough the gate of heavens and be my infinitive apostol.

I may now allmost sleep writing this down, but my star will shine

to not only me, but to you. We will now break all the limits in sanity

and search the ghosts that lost in the failed delivery.

May the heaven be here. Distant so close, the everything being now

only a fish to you. Life, the best and so superiously beautifull.

Remember to pray the holy seed of everything. Yes god is great and

we will be cared and guided with a understanding of a infinitive life.

Your secret illusion is revealed with other one loving you and telling

what you really mean to her or him in success of a perfection.

You feelings explode like ever before when you really loved.


Remembering the past, i told that the night will welcome you, it is

that night were with you when you birthed and night still shelters

you like you would be the one and only child. The best is

you and forever youll walk in the neverending tear and a

complete mystery is yours to reveale.

A step towards the infinitive darknes a step towards

the morning sun of everlasting brightnes,

you being the pioneer of everything to last.

The eternal life is being now testamented.

Wake up in heaven.


Its now time to morning coffee, im getting really sleepy.

Lets face new days after a heavy sleep.


People started wanting my writing to be theyre own, but

i say that only the enjoyment of the proses is enough.

A book dont make you significally more,

but the understanding is allready the complete thing.

Yes dont ever be cocky obout the thing,

it is something that i never fail.

Your own life will allways be the sacred perfection.

Only the best life can be.

Everything is holy perfection around you.

The hand of yours are the tastefull winner of eternal things

to ever complete. Life will be the win of yours

if you just try in everything enough. People care,

people love, people help, people are to you.

You fail in understanding if you are the thing

opposite of my writing.


Winning the people to yourside is the thing.

Not to crush a soul, only to save the people and

be high over the everything. I must warn about that

people everyday think incorrect and eat the apple

of failure evermore.

Chapter 8 Flashbacks from the infinity runned.


In the battle of success, people are missunderstanding

the completion in everyway. I tell now to go with the unselfish

plan and live infinitive with a people that are yours.

We never are wanting any failure in our teaching.

Infinity is here to achieve and teach about. It will always be a thing

to win and save. People around might die away from the plan,

that means only them being afraid of the perfection.

They dont ofcourse want to believe anyone

being true to theyre self.

I say we must trust my wisdom to complete anything.

Ape reads again, ape succeeds, ape never die and

ape my infinitive friend.


The whole society is based on bricks of winning, but

you win now because wisdom of love and goodnes.

People might be unfriendly, but only because theyre are wrong.

You now know that winning is a substantual matter and

in time you will win people on to your side.

People spitted me for wrong reasons and might be

that you who are my pioneer might first get only that.

People die if theyre rott too much and now we really

know that. A human seed aint so strong, if people

kill, people die and at the end theyre be saved,

so why dont you then exercise only goodnes to

ever win the infinity.


People tired, people crancky, after all infinity

takes a nerve. The kingdom of my paradise

is here where the true heaven now exists.

People with a heart of gold now share it.

Your life is going to be more and you understand now

everything better, bringing it now in to conzusnes.

My teaching will reaveale more life.

Hope i got to you in time.


People educated are now even more valuable to you.

People might shut you out and be cranky about you, but

dont give up. People dont have a different seed.

People are to you and to win like written before.

Everyone is your success to have a perfect heaven and

its very nessesary that the thing is everyone.

You might remember people running and shouting

about war to be holy and you laughed.

Its you that change bleeding into peacefull living.


Today the finaly seems to be success at last.

We can enjoy a life with a feel of completion near to us.

You now know a secret of everything.

Go loving your targets and we will be allright.

Or you read more added teaching of mine.

I drink now beer and enjoy a complete heaven

with my friends.


You there with everything on your side, Follow well

be infinitive and face the most beautiful dream.

Remember i would give you even more if i ever could,

but you are now in the right path and we might never

meet again, or we do. Teach and be learned, world

is superior and you might have to pray much.

The holy seed of all is people and things together

by your side. Remember to care wisely.

In the end it matters not that ill be the top of the thing.

Just put yourself in to naa naa naaanaaanaaaaaaa!

Its a aerosmith song:)


The everything was birthed like it would need you to live

and add things to it. Everyone and everything is a part of

the thing and should be stable when you occur to it.

The thing you ever wached is a thing to last.

We together pray for a cost, there will be an

answer to our shouting, demanding and

will to overcome simple problems.

Remember you dont fight about the social status.

Allways you are to save everything to generate

a winning perfection.


Every day i feel the death around us and now we

must accomplish in the basic things of our delivery.

We never die:( I dont last if we dont pray anymore.

Surely the everything i teached will be easy to

compute. Dont fucking eat failures in disgues.

A lie of everything will never born again.

A touch of my heart and the every touch of

the finality is great, meaning my heart and you

will flower to heavens and you only win.


Only god and high people can judge you now.

You carry a seed to accomplish the dream and

you are a thing to last. I must say that everything is wrong

if not so. We need success, we need blood even from gods.

We never anymore are tricked out of the completion.

We conquer the everything and only win.

At the end i just said the everything could last, but

might be that you sleep close to me in grave.

Remember in the deepest dark can be the thrut and power

to search and conquer.

Negative to positive is a huge ammount of power.

Chapter 9 Our journey will become a finality to understand for.


A human being is so great that you cannot teach it allways.

A Human is born from the god and sometimes god is

raw to you, me and we. The infinity proposed to you is to

be safeing the truth of a mankind beacuse of later delivery.

Bad can be mankind, but everything will follow us to

a unselfish plan. I welcome you to be mine forever.

I do have churches and temples of my development.

Dont be sure that you ever success in wrong profetism.

My letter to you is the thing this. Think about your true purpose

and you find me searching for you. We never fail, we only nearly die.

Yes the everything is the key to understand the beautifull life.

I was educated with jesus and his sacrament.


The world without death will be a circle of life and death, only

balancing the world. Here is the heaven and i will now resurrect

you because of holy matter. The bible says that the dead and living

will be here when we are to be judged. The day is near.

I hopefully know what you really feeled when you meeted a

life with your careing in to that, because of loving right you

ligth up even the deepest dark. Me and the highest krist

chatted a bit and i humbly nodded that i will be a perfection

in the way of winned completion.


Jesus is to belived, like everything even new things are common

to him. Be warned, the things are like jesus would birth those.

Human is jesus. Human is completion. I dont tire about the jesus

even when i allways succeed. I love the god of darknes too.

to birth my interest and fun when im alone, but the jesus will allways

be my friend. The bleeding for the completion is near to half cup now

This might be the endless search of true love and ill allways be

on your side. We never fail, but the stars tell a tale of death.

The animals is to be eated or petted, because of theyre lesser wisdom.

A human character is holy. Why dont you come along and prove

us right. Be cellabrating the universum and your knolidge now,

because you have now everything with my education.


A unity everywhere its the comlete perfection to pray the supreme god.

The cup is allmost full to callabrate the win of a complete perfection.

And we never be wrong about the teological base anymore.

Surely now the everything collapses. Be still with the knolidge of gods.

Be brave, well allways are with the highest god.

Youll journey in the brighnes or darknes ends to total finality.

You alone is not a priority. Again others are your winning and

dont ever again eat the apple of failure. I were allways

teached in life by superiour souls. To be hopeles is to be saved.

Eat, you kill maybe even greater life.


You that trusted me are i am to give the love from the outer space.

In no way i will never reward you. The truth will.

Life is not only from gods, life is perfected with a power

of universal keys inside the everything. You are free.

God is golden on your way to endles victory.

What can i say anymore. You never be anymore wrong.

Its a thing to die for now.


If i die will you ever remember me, will you ever have the ground

of perfection. I cry because i am for waiting replasement if i die.

Ill be the sad man in life without you, if you dont complete it for me.

The every chruch of the kristianity will now bleed my blood.

The resurrection of sanity is here forever.

ill be on your side, at least its the only heavy god to carry.

The life of ours is to complete in understanding in everything,

meaning the life in all area of completion. The acts of

your cause is the comparisation in the infinity. Yes a hard

way, but only to breed a complete unity to everyone.

Ape love, ape success, ape never wrong and ape

very good.


A human cell dont last forever, even if you move the furnitures

with your telepathic power:) I have to win the sorceres of death.

Laugh now it will be winned,

if anyone cares or you too old to cellabrate the infinity.

We have infinity because my education successed.

Even gods have logic and i were birthed with a

thing to complete the perfection.

I say my life is the best, but i will birth a perfection too.

Apes life best too.

Chapter 10 A unity of human souls


I wake up being endlesly yours and we never cry anymore

because of failure. You will conquer every person

to be in the perfect believe and support to everything.

Again the careing the seed of all will be your delivery of

a perfect heaven.

Me might be the only one to be learned about.

An ape with solution, an ape with complete dream and

an ape with the fruit.


You allways are to be completed in life and the everything

will seed your success. The world is going to end.

It is you that complete the final unity. We will be organizised

in common understanding. I beg you to overcome greed

and jeloysment, The seed of yours will be our target to

ever running the infinity. After a successed infinity the

birth of your dreams comes around with gentle touch,

Maybe making your every dream true.

It is that youll never leave behind anybody, Ofcourse

you need them. I laugh, you are selfish.

Remember, a substantual matter is you in everything.

Jesus of the highest told that me are good.

It occured a thing where jesus hitted and abused me for

being only right i think, but now we are friends.


The unity is your purpose in everything. Never loose,

never give up, we will be the stars of the complete the heaven

evermore. The revolution in your heart is now sensible and

correct with secrets of the infinitive living. Our primary target

is to succeed in the unity to make this place a heaven to

each others. Remember everybody needs to win.

At the end theyre just substances to be full, winning in

life and to have a perfect heaven.


Remember you are superior too, if people are bad to you

or treaten, you can only die or turn a cheek.

Art of war is to be pure and impossible to overcome.

In the right cause though. People now runned in tv

and shout about god in holy war and you laughed.


The another world is close to you now and your friends

are to your final completion.

You can not anymore be without the comfort.

You are to be in the final test of bleeding

the completion by simply revealing the facts to

another. We can now sacrify our total to be safe at last.

You naked and comfortable is beautifull and

the best for completeting pervertion for expert

finality is to bleed the cost of life.

People need your perversion to exist.

Woman and man together are the thing to

really understand the infinity.

Together the perversion makes sense.

If you have a pervertion another than a

thing perfect you must fight for a sunrise.

Reveal the problem and be guided.


Human might be that your never win in the cause of your own.

The thing is that they should win everything for them only,

but i can say they use the same methods that we.

I have friends and i migth die for having them only.

The unity is based still to win everything in logics.

We will see a sunrise or couple with the full knolidge and

we will win the thing for our loved people


The human unity offers you a part in saving the world by

simply understanding the love and my writings.

There is nomore than prosessing you trough the

everlasting test to be a gods messenge.

You may bleed, but only for the cost.

Now the children of the death shall be the winning

in the infinity by fullfilling the thing eternally.


God let our dreams come true and guide us to right path.

giving us the need to perfect is my mantra now.

I need your tales of winning just because

i need to dream about the finality evermore.

Give me you and your destiny to be on my side.

I will be with you when you loose or die.

I will be the gate to heavens or hell.

I will never let you down.

Even the bad times i am the thing for you.

I will listen, i will guide and i will suffer

to our completion. Come and ligth the endles dark.


The fruit of completion can be by many souls, but

those might be different fruits like in nature those are.

Some fruits are against perfection in first level, but

some fruits are leaded to heavens taste. Meaning

that the everything would be praised with a things

more only. Completions of a mankind are believe

in different things as a hole, but we gotta respect

the every seed and fruit.

It can be hearoism, bravery, love, war, sex, individual,

family, country or finality of everyting and even more.

Remember a human is pure when all outer soul things

are completed. A human is not bad, human only wrong if.

Soul is allways pure. Punisment of a individual is only for

the finalation. Apes eat fruits together. Positive development

cellabrated. There is no bad love. Be me, read and bleed the cup

and die with the perfect completion.

DAY 10

A success that dies for nothing. Supporting higher believe of things

forced beacause of a peek of failure. My day started badly.

I were hitted of for my music and i think everything more

would be us partying the thing. Human unity can be that

you never know what the thing is, but you have the people around.

We fail if Nirin is not the teacher and it is from the mouth of

the other one.


Chapter 11 A brain not part of the thing.


Your mind might dont get any thing from other mind, so we are

lost from the Nirinism. Nirin is the thing with many people.

We die or not, ofcource we win if we can be

unity together. Im am a oracle and i am the thing

about the people outer for my way.

I talked with my brother and came a thing that

you within my head aint true. Laugh, they seem to be.

They ever exist is my problem.

Thank me for a great book.

We smile together.

Im sorry.

Chapter 12 Theory of death and the everlasting peace.

I said that human life will be compared with the thought that

everybody are the same. Lost or not, people are sharing the same

thing together. The thing is that a death brings more failure and at

the end people die with the float of negative force. The virtual

death of human is that it wont be cabable of higher things valued.

Virtual death brings misery and death around the infinity.

A died person is failed from the perfect heaven.

With that knolidge we can feel and teach that being

wrong to compute, because of infinity on high and

the death of succession is bad fruits of paradise and

the opposite would offer everything perfect.

And now i died virtually again.

An ape is sorry about that.


Total finality seems to be that i overcome everything

that any human can and logic of everything is to win in perfection.

a one way labyrint. No one can now mock you or me in anyway,

because we are now graduated in the life with supreme loving.

In no way you are to be denied of everlasting heaven.

Total finality is the life even in the next galaxy.

My book is now ready and everything fine.

i gone to earn my living and chopping my ways through.

Surely i die a happy man.

The cup is full.

ape is final.

Me too:)

Author: Leo Wilhem Lindroos (Luteric babtise),

Sleepy Rose (Vampire)

Nirin (call name)

The people around of my infinitive sphere

Al Pacino, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne,

Dracula, Nina Backman, Miika Forsblom,

August kilponen, Ville Valo, Lars Lindroos,

Otto Lindroos, Mikko Nylund,

Pekka Kemppainen, Pirkko Kallio,

Bäni, Mika Jäävaara, Mika Pirinen,

Steven Tyler, Kaapo Keskisarja,

Tomi Kallio, Andy McCoy,

Nicklas Kavander, Pasi Rautiainen,

Jesus krist

and all others that i love.

Date 20-10-07
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