Ghost's Son

Smoke Society | 11.12.2007 | Hard Rock

Warm whiskey in cold hands
It's safe to say I'm wasted and drowning
Words unsaid and questions left inside
To burn
To the end of my days I will carry you
Search the sky for all the answers never knowing why
Put on a brave face and journey on from place to place
Never to find my way home

You weren't there when I needed you
To take my hand and guide me through this world
And all the angels laugh at me
I mourn a man I have never seen
You turned your head and walked away
I've fought so hard just to find my way
I can't breathe easy 'cause you're gone
To me you're no one and I'm your son

And as I sit here in silence and waste away
Grasping shadows, trying to find a light in the dark
I'll hold my hand high and give this promise true
I swear I'll never ever burn myself and fade to black like you


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