Hard Rock

All Fell Apart 20.07.2010


A basic hard rock-song that we've liked to rehearse and play live. If Deep Purple would have done it back in the early 70's, it would have been a classic! The lyrics tell you a bit about what it feels like to have a brain tumour - based on own experience.

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Hard Rock

View of the World 20.07.2010


A song that is more up-tempo. It's fun to play in the key of C sometimes.

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Hard Rock

The Madness of Man 20.07.2010


Heavier, slower, almost doomy. This could have been a good track for example on "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (1973).

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Hard Rock

What Is Beauty? 20.07.2010


This was inspired by Scorpions, but not quite sound like them...

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Hard Rock

Deepest Nature 20.07.2010


Almost closer to heavy metal than hard rock. Human's Deepest Nature just can't be a light, happy story.

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Hard Rock

Biding Time 20.07.2010


Folk music? Well, almost. The album title "A Rocksolid Slice of Life" was taken from these lyrics.

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The Way It Is 20.07.2010


Bonus track 1 - recorded almost live in the rehearsal room in May, 2010. The music offers some variation. Not hard rock, that is. But what's the style, then?

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Hard Rock

Stealin' My Cd's 20.07.2010


Bonus track 2 - The most honest lyrics of them all... An important story about a certain album collection.

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