Syvis & Friends | 13.12.2007 | Light Rock

Laulu alunperin tarkoitettu soundtrackille elokuvaan, josta ei koskaan tullut mitään. Tämä sovitus on vuodelta 2015.

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Saviour (2007)

I didn't ask for this crown of thorn
I wanted to be mortal: loved, experienced and worn.
I was very unsure when I heard about the plan
how could I be the one who saves the drowning man?

I'm the savior of the human race
I'm the shelter I am grace
I'm the guardian of human soul
I'm the power of the pole.
I'm the escape from the chains of lust
I'm the moral guide of your trust
I'm the road from the cradle to the dust.

I realized I could only slow down and delay
the destiny would wait for me at the end of each tramway.
now I know I was not born to be strong
but a sephard for my friends between right and wrong.

I had a choice to step down from this cross
but path of your life cannot be decided by a toss.
Stories are told by those who create
I should just resign to my lonely fate.


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