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Projects of mine:

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On this page, you will find a number of different kinds of musical projects of mine. Feel free to browse the compositions. I hope you will find the exploration enjoyable and useful.

My projects are published under the Creative Commons licence (excluding the Afar a Bird project that is not a personal project of mine). You will find the details of the licence via the Creative Commons link that may be found on every project page. In case you would like to use any of my compositions as part of a given project of your own, or even to place an order for new pieces, please contact me at one of the following addresses:
(firstname @ mattipaalanen.com) or (IRC: Michikawa @ ircnet).- Matti Paalanen

Celestial Aeon Project is the main project. It mainly contains three kinds of pieces (orchestral, alternative electronic, soundtrack) for your pleasure.

Project Divinity is an ambient project. Its soundscapes and musical atmospheres have structures that are not too strong. They are sometimes mellow, sometimes dark and brooding, and thus, more like spaces to visit or places in which to dwell and rest.

Roomful of Emptiness is a jazz-guitar project. I have played guitar for quite some time and truly enjoyed listening to Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, and others. From time to time, I also create similar pieces which I hope are worth listening to.

Frozen Silence is a solo piano project. I have here improvised piano songs that are melodic yet melancholic.

Warehouse of Distant Dreams largely contains old songs that do not fit any previous projects. Some are still raw or "unfinished" by nature. Most of them are a bit corny or stuffy, but maybe they will offer something to someone.

A few months ago, I joined the group Afar a Bird. Together we managed to record our first demo a few days ago. Please feel free to visit and check out the compositions. They are relatively hard to categorize: sort of slow Coldplay with the feel of Joy Division or ideas similar to those of Radiohead, yet different.

Ultima IX Redemption is a massive computer RPG project which I am a part of. Our team is aspiring to create massive Morrowind total-conversion mod (modification) and to produce a remake of the last part of Ultima computer-rpg saga in the way it should have been created originally. Its soundtrack is my responsibility, and I have so far composed 120 minutes of music. The total production to be released in the fall 2006 or spring 2007 will be freely available to be used as needed. When the composition is finished, I will release the music as mp3. In case you have enjoyed Essence, I would recommend that you check this out as well.

My musical taste varies greatly. It may be said that I dig anything melancholic, groovy, jazzy, atmospheric, or harmonic. Sometimes atonality works as well. For a more detailed view, feel free to visit my homepage, Spotify profile, Last.fm profile or my blog @ blogsome


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