Away From Reality

Strawberry Angels | 13.05.2008 | Love Metal

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leave me alone
don't you feel the cold?
your shallow complacency
isn't biting through

broken down
the pieces on the ground
don't try to gather them
they're too wide apart

tell me more
i'm so interested
give me a pen and
i'll go write it down

needless to say
i'm done anyway
it's time for you
to accept the facts


do you think you know what i felt?
do you think your opinion makes a change?
think before you make your mind up,
'cause this might be your last chance to hold on to..


last chance to hold on to reality
my pain won't go away if i can't see you suffering
think the matter over, don't explain yourself for nothing
no chance to recover, my body's started rotting


uncertain truth
did i lie to you?
i never should have
trusted anyone but me

sense of guilt
hatred buried in me
i can't hold it inside
for eternity

no chance to hold on to reality
my pain remains and keeps me from recovering
you thought it wrong, or i was wrong from the start
anyway this inequity tears me apart
..tears me apart


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