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i'm in ecstasy, all my pain is gone
what is this frequency, i lost my sense of time
i feel so relieved, i can only smile
this is all i need, i am flying so high

suddenly my energy wears out
my heart beats too fast, i wonder how much longer i will last
neverending fear, and no one can hear
my screams in the dark,
the demons are surrounding me and they won't go away,
they are here to stay
my mind says they do not exist
i can't trust my eyes, i can see only lies
this is so surreal, my end is drawing near
i'm falling down even though i'm already on the ground

i'm shaking and i feel too weak, trying to cry myself to sleep
how long will these ghosts keep haunting me

now i realize that i was just living in a lie
could someone please tell me why
i didn't overdose and die

i won't have another try


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