Jizzy cup

Sunnuntaibrunssi | 07.03.2013 | Dub Techno

Kun jizzauksen määrä yhtyy pizzauksen määrään, pyhä yhteys syntyy ja kaikki elävät harmoniassa.

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Kappaleen sanat

Mozzarella peas, then you add some cheese.
Then you put some coal, to feel the bone.
Then you add some grass, but not with hass.
Then you feel the moan, and make a clone.
Rock your microphone, don't bang you bro.
Then you rock the jazz, and feel the bass.
After that some ass, do it with class.
Don't jizz your pants, until you dance.

Have a mighty beer, grow in your ear.
Then you get a drone, to clean your home.
Then you grow a beard, but make it clear.
Then you throw the time, but don't know why.
Make a funky slut, slapping your butt.
Make the boogie shut, to taste your nut.
Have some tasty cream, poured in your beard.
Then fuck the glance, and make.

Erupt your mouse, make everyone arouse,
Just clap your thing, to make it fling.
Use your chunky flutt, to grab your duck.
Eat your macaroni fucking slut!

They are cheaper, than noodles.
Go tom yum, with the fucking hurdles.
They taste better, in the process,
Make your mouth burn, but it's worth it.

Jizzy cup, there's no rubber,
We can't fuckah, You got diseaser.

Jizzy cup, there's no rubber,
We can't fuckah, You got diseaser.


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