Close to You

Marco Rochowski | 25.02.2004 | Eurodance

This time a 140bpm eurodance tune with nice melodies and vocals...enjoy :)

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Pena47 30.04.2005
Jarren Calypso alussa - silti siististi tehty
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Bemary 12.02.2005
This is very nice! :) I like eurodance for it's happy, energetic sound and this song has it all! There's not much I can say because those guys before me wrote all my lines, but I really look forward to hear more from you and that's why I'm you fan, also :) You've got the talent. Nice job, once again!
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qso 21.05.2004
I was maybe a bit too harsh and not very contructive with my comment above so I decided to give this another spin or two. In its genre this is good work. The second part is better than the first one. The lead instrument could be more sharp at some places. I have heard similar vocals too many times so they dont really get me going. Lotsa energy!
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Electron 25.02.2004
Nice to hear some eurodance from you! Of course, eurodance has its own clichees, like any other music genre. So I wouldn't complain much.. if someone doesn't like them, it is better to forget about the whole genre. I think this track sounds really nice and it has lot of energy. And the vocals sound good too, what a beautiful voice she's got! This would work on the dancefloor, no doubt about it. Good job.
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qso 25.02.2004
Ok - I'm not really fond of this track. The track is melodic which is nice. But those drums.. they are quite unimaginative. Especially that crash cymbal-sequence is so overused and clichéd. Second part is better although I don't really like the vocals. I admit that I have never really liked mid-90's eurodance. Things were better in the 80's and also now.
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M1cH0 25.02.2004
i like this song very mutch. but i waited some melody "explosision" but very cool song
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