Failure Is My Mission 11.10.2010


Laitanpa sit tänne tän ennakko maistiaisena.. Tulee Release Plan projektille...

-   0 190 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

My Mind Is My Asylum 10.01.2010


Writers block lasted 3 years. But now it seems i´ve beaten it and here is some new material. Now the sounds are 100% better than before, drums are new, and for first time Soundslay songs got synths as well.. enjoy!

9   1 285 kuuntelua

Secret Song 10.01.2010


Light instrumental which is maybe "outro" type of song. Quite relaxing i guess..

9   1 268 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Release Plan 02.01.2007


Well, this is first what i´ve done since i bought acoustic guitar to record more authentic acoustic sounds. Song became quite dark mixing agression with softer stuff once again. Well, listen and like or hate..

9.75   5 1054 kuuntelua

Thoughts For The Fallen 12.10.2006


Well, It´s been a while now that i haven´t had any good ideas. Yesterday i started to play some simple riffs and today those riffs ended up like this. Pretty same shit what i allways do but i guess i liked this that much i could share it with you whoever is willing to listen the song.

8.85   26 993 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Minun Reunani 15.09.2006


Tarkoitus olisi tässä syksyllä/alku talvella saada aikaiseksi pientä proggista. Nimeksi on kaavailtu Eripura ja musasta kotimaista hevanderia. Tämän kyseisen biisin olen tässä väsäillyt kyseistä proggista ajatellen ja jos homma lähtee käyntiin niin tähän olisi sitten tarkoitus vielä laulut lisätä ja muutenkin viilailla loput puutteet pienemmiksi.

8.29   7 1121 kuuntelua

The Step Over The Edge pt.2 23.04.2006


Again some acoustic stuff. I used allmost the same drum base what i used with Step Over The Edge, so i named this as Pt.2. Anyway, it went a bit tricky with the song because i couldn´t get bass riffs well with few parts, but then i changed them a bit and got it quite finished.

8.75   11 863 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

The Step Over The Edge Pt.1 18.04.2006


Pretty slow "fitting the rope" style of song. Well, what should i say about this.. I made 2 others songs at the same time with this and this just came with the flow.. :-)

8.57   22 1075 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

Terrordome 18.04.2006


After i did the first riff, i got a bit doubtful if gonna push delete, quite typical i guess, but it reminded me a bit from some Arch Enemy songs and i don´t think any of my songs have yet sounded like them, so i squeezed the other riffs to the song and got something done, well, quite far from Arch Enemy actually but at least i avoid being charged from stealing their ideas.. :D

8.1   37 2025 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Ending Lines 16.04.2006


Done while been suffering SEVERE hang over, and maybe that can be herd from the song. Hmm, well, song is quite over melodic but when it´s also over melancholic i guess the result is that the song sounds quite Finnish..

8.58   19 1443 kuuntelua

Floating Beyond Words ver.2 16.04.2006


Had to fix one guitar riff what bothered me, now it´s ok

10   1 508 kuuntelua
Death Metal

Birdflu Dance 12.03.2006


Just came back from Asia and after eating all that chicken there now having a little flu.. Well, most of you now guess where did the name came to that song.. The song is really In Flames oriented and really fun to play though..I haven´t been playing guitar for about 2,2 months and it was really relief to start jamming again, i made the song in about 6 hours.. One session..

8.67   7 639 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

They Never Learn 15.11.2005


Light, maybe one of the most melodic songs i´ve been able to do. When i was making the song, there was again typical war news from the tv, so that made me name the song as it is.

9   12 1156 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Tracers In The Night 13.11.2005


Again some typical Soundslay. Mixture of melodic heavy with acoustic middle parts.

7.7   12 1310 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

In Flames In Pain 07.10.2005


Heavily In Flames oriented song. At first when i made the chorus i played it more like as a joke, but after i did few parts more, it came one of the funiest songs to play and practise.

8.5   5 1041 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

School No.1 04.10.2005


This song stayed a long time unfinished until i got some inspiration to finish it. Beginning of the song was changed to more "melancholic" than in the original version and some other parts was changed as well. Name of the song comes from the sad insident what took place at town of Beslan in Russia not that long time ago.

9   3 679 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

Needle God 03.10.2005


One of the fastest songs so far. Not too long, maybe could have been longer but i guess it´s quite ok. I think i made whole song quite fast in one evening.. But it´s quite fun to play..

7.67   6 967 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

War Of The Weak 23.09.2005


This is quite standard song from me. Melodic from the beginning to the end with decent tempo.

8   24 1687 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Jihad 25.09.2005


Song has nothing to do with Kovenant´s Jihad, but that was the first word that came to my mind when i was naming it. When listening this, you know why. Quite middle east theme.

8.5   35 2485 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Broken Will 24.09.2005


A bit lighter song than most of the other songs what i´ve made. It was first song i made after i bought Korg AX1500G. Before that i had Zoom 505 and difference between them was huge, so this song was basicly a bit finding the "new sound".

9   2 623 kuuntelua

Acoustic Fragments 30.09.2005


This song came up when i just jammed with acoustic sounds and then i decided not to add anything to it.. Drums, bass etc.. Just keeping it simple. :-)

8.33   17 1164 kuuntelua
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