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If Slayer were a Punk-band with Metallic influences and not the other way around, they might sound a bit like Oi Polloi. And I don’t mean “Metallic Punk” as in Crust and some Punk-bands that honestly sound more like Metal to me, but just aggressive Punk with some Metallic elements. And aggressive this is, not just musically, but also lyrically. And provocative as well. Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory, eh? Or a song about Nestlé called Deathcafe. I’m sure you get my drift. Subtle ain’t applicable here.

Basically, all would be fine and dandy on Fuaim Catha if it weren’t for the fact that it becomes monotonous rather quickly. Much of the aggression and provocation loses its impact when the music gets boring after three or four songs because there just isn’t enough of variety. The monotony is broken by a few interlude-alike tracks, but they do not provide enough of variety. The production could also be a bit more aggressive, it feels a wee bit tame and samey.

It’s a bit of a shame, since Fuaim Catha could have been really good. Now it’s just mediocre.


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