RUTH MARIE (COVER) 12.11.2009


RUTH MARIE (Mark Kozelek Cover)

I grew so old
In that house I lived in
They brought me here
\'Cause I can\'t take care

I lost my worth
And my purpose here
I feel you cry
But I can\'t speak my mind

Will you hold me
And never let me go
\'Cause I hate it when you walk outside that door
\'Cause I know I won\'t ever see your eyes
The eyes I gave you

When my eyes shut
They\'ll take me to the land
For fifty years I lived there with my man
And on my own I lived for fortie more
I watched you grow up
From babies on the floor

To the beautiful women that you are
And I hated that you\'ve gone away...

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Stream of grey 21.02.2006


It´s lonely in the thinking world
But the gifts are great.
No drug, no lsd,
or screen will replace.

Nothing is this great.
As the stream of grey

No one wants to see you like this.
where has all that smile of yours gone?

Cuz dreams are as real as yesterday
With the stream it flies away

With all my magic I call you
Free this mind to wander in stream grey
With all my heart I love you
Now in a body no longer chained

I call you bright light
Fly away pain
and fill the day with all the light
So it shall happen

More the spirit evil
you lock in a stone
Change the force
for us to adore, you.

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Someday 20.02.2006


Find the way in fragmented soul
Work on the bitty heart
Perhaps it was better, when you didn’t know me
All is forgotten but non forgiven.

Someday I will not call you
Someday I will not come

When the pressure gets too high.
And you know how to leave.
There´s always room in darkness.
To lay rest at ease.

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My fete of leaving 08.08.2006


When you lay me down,
let the horses ride
my vagons of departure,
and at last let me arrive.

Like the pageant float
In smiles of people
my joy was living
when I knew I had lost hope

Lay me down, on my grave
let the trees sigh
my fete of leaving
but in your hearts let me stay

Lay me down, on my bed
Let the trees sigh
my memory dear
from you hearts never let me astray

To the mainsail let me blow
with my eyes so wrecked
last direction, distance final
where no land is known

Out thru the sea
and in thru the sky
Beneath the surface
or beneath the ground

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Whitecenter - Damien Jurado 20.02.2006


Heard they shot another
no one knows the reason
it didn't make the papers
its just another wild night
here in white center

Tonight they gather flowers
sunday pack the churches
morning comes too slowely
for us who feel like victims
here in white center

Turn off your headlights
here comes a cop car
music for the bad boys
music for the good boys
here in white center

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It was a dream and it was all it was 15.09.2006


Oh how sad it was
when i woke up
only a dream it was

I remember four it was
and then it was three
and now it´s all , and it´s gone

Oh how good it was
when he woke up
only a dream it was

He rememembers what he´s got
now he´s free
and it´s more then a lot

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Blindfold 14.05.2006


When your friends see what’s happening
And you know they are right
when it’s time to end it
You still can’t decide

What do you do when you love someone
Who is only gonna get you hurt
When do you know when to leave
Before you get your head in too deep

If you’re so inside your love
Blind in the adore
If you’re so inside your love
Blind in the adore

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Good morning 20.05.2006


Good morning so beautiful
She smiled like the sun was ours.

The trees flourish,
I lie without a doubt.
Soon I’ll collapse,
but she’ll stand still.

She misses her mother
long since gone.
I miss my dad
long since gone

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Fly home 10.06.2006


Life will get you 25.07.2006


I wish I could wake up
And people would tell me
That they do understand
And that they don’t
the way life keeps treating me

No, life wont get you
And inside its wings
there’s shelter for all
For it understands
there is always right and wrong

That I’m able to love
after all that is done
That I can still shed my tears
after all I have hid

That I can end this smile
when I see you cry
for the things you’ve lost
and for the ones I told you’d lose

That life is not that blue
at this house that's left by you
That I can maintain what’s mine
Even though it has slipped my mind


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