Freaking Out 28.10.2012


An attempt to fuse psytrance music with spacesynth, made in 2006.

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Stars of Eternity (Krzysztof Radomski RMX) 28.09.2008


A remix of Jukke "MyVoice" Lundqvist XM tune, "Stars of Eternity" from 1999.

Yes, I'm obsessed about remixing this artist :D

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Above The Zenith 04.03.2008


In 2007, on my 28th birthday, SPACESYNTH.NET community has shown appreciation to my activity as a musician by giving me an unique gift - Alesis Ion hardware synthesizer. To express my gratitude, I decided to compose a track especially for them.
This is my tribute to SPACESYNTH.NET team and community. Track obviously utilised Ion, as well as some software synths. I hope you enjoy it!

9.75   4 3104 kuuntelua

Alphanaut 10.02.2008


A tune made for a friend's request. It's based on 10Hz waves, known as alpha waves, that are often used to amplify the effect of meditation process (friend is a yoga teacher). Listening to it while in a state of relaxation may make You hear things... well... not quite the way they are. Perhaps you'll also experience OOBE :) Just sit down/lay down, put your headphones on, relax and play it from the beginning to the end.

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Dark Ambient

Charon-6 20.02.2007


Dark ambient tune.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Desiderium 20.02.2007


An ambient track fusing piano playing and schizo sounds.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Dark Ambient

Phiryxea 20.02.2007


Dark and gloomy piece.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Qa-Enk 20.02.2007


Some bizarre tune. I've been planning putting it to "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album, but changed my mind.

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Sublimus 21.02.2007


Quite typical ambient piece.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Singg Ular 21.02.2007


Bizzare ambient/illbient tune.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Xzaa 21.02.2007


Experimental tune. Very experimental.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Afiniti Inc 16.02.2007


Light ambient form.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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#-Tripp 16.02.2007


Experimental ambient track. Contains short guitar performance of my friend, Krzysztof Skrobowski.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Desolate 22.07.2005


Trancey, light tune, with a bit melancholic piano part. Kinda chillin.

9.67   6 2948 kuuntelua

Magic History (Krzysztof Radomski Remix) 22.07.2005


This is a happy, trancey remix of the spacesynth track made by Marco Rochowski. Made in 3 days full of fun :)

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Spectral Tempest 22.07.2005


Another older eurotrance track, made strictly with Reason in 2001.

9   0 2003 kuuntelua

Sonic Sower 22.07.2005


Kinda happy eurotrance tune from 2001. Made in just 2 days :D Pretty cute, isn't it?

9   0 2059 kuuntelua

Square Repulsion 22.07.2005


Psytrance tune, with some acid influences.

-   1 1425 kuuntelua

Binary Unison 22.07.2005


An old goatrance tune of mine, done in 2000. Don't expect miracles - it's done using old equipment, far worse quality than the one I'm using now.

8   0 1493 kuuntelua

Impossible Rotation 10.03.2005


Psychedelic trance track with elements of full-on trance and old-school melodic goa. Try it if you don't mind a lot of knob movement.

9.67   3 1971 kuuntelua

Lagmit I 10.03.2005


First part of my longest ambient/experimental track. The tune was too big for Mikseri's server so I had to split it to 3 parts. If you want to download it, get these two remaining parts too.

8   1 1326 kuuntelua

Lagmit II 10.03.2005


Second part of my longest ambient/experimental track. The tune was too big for Mikseri's server so I had to split it to 3 parts. If you want to download it, get these two remaining parts too.

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Lagmit III 10.03.2005


Third part of my longest ambient/experimental track. The tune was too big for Mikseri's server so I had to split it to 3 parts. If you want to download it, get these two remaining parts too.

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Return Of Nosmo King 16.07.2004


MyVoice and Protonic Storm in another cooperation... "Return Of Nosmo King" is the tune Jukke Lundqvist started to compose in previous century and never finished. Now in 2004 I've put my hands on it, converting it to midi and finishing with softsynths.
It's a pure synthdance with strong modern touch. Rocks :)

9.86   6 4109 kuuntelua

Hibernatikon 07.05.2004


One of my deepest ambient pieces. The beginning totally does not indicate where the track is gonna lead you, but the pads emerging after 3:30 leave no doubt about the true nature of this tune. Great tune to be played before sleeping.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

10   3 1884 kuuntelua

Paraxalian 07.05.2004


Another ambient track, definitelly different than usual stuff. Strongly based on dark, sine pads, resonating rhythm structure and weird sonic decoration. Taken from first Fonolabe album.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

-   1 1718 kuuntelua

Crystalium Hydrae 07.05.2004


Light ambient track, with some distant melody emerging from the deep. It is taken from the first Fonolabe album.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

7   1 1399 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Fuzyon 13.01.2004


Complex, detailed dark-ambient tune with strong electroacoustic touch. Sophisticated sound textures flow one into another with the sole purpose to build an atmosphere of schizophrenia and overwhelming chaos. Chaos indeed is the main element of this piece. No melodies here, and the only rhythmic element is monotonic bass-sound emerging while the track advances.
If you liked 'Fonofobia', you'll be satisfied by this one. If your are searching for positive energy in music, then this one is not for you.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

9   3 1670 kuuntelua

Schizcience 13.01.2004


A weird one. Hard to call it ambient, hard to say it's not. Anyway I think it's interesting no matter what genre could describe it the best. Bizzare, freaky rhythm, kind of clumsy and almost boring on purpose, builds the spine of the track and makes the mind convulsed. To oppose the moving quasi-rhythmic line, still drones flow in the background which amplifies the impression of schizophrenia even more. Get it if you're tough :)
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

-   1 1371 kuuntelua

Absorba Assimilata 13.01.2004


Deep and cold ambient piece. Cold, rattling drones, deep pads and kind of berlin-school sequence are the the main components of this one, hopefully absorbing your attention to the very end more than letting you ignore it.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

9.67   3 1802 kuuntelua

Nosmo King (Protonic Remake) 18.12.2003


This is a remake of awesome module of Jukke "MyVoice" Lundqvist. I find his work as one of the greatest modules ever made, that's why I finally decided to remake it with high quality tools. NOTE: it's not a remix, I aimed to remake it very closely to the original XM version (I've changed few things though). If you'd like to hear the original bloody-brilliant XM, here's where you can find it: http://www.modarchive.....

10   5 4402 kuuntelua

Ux 11 03.12.2003


Tune starts with industrial drones and loops, quite claustrophobic, leaving not much space to breathe. The effect is even more empowered by dirty, rattling bassline, giving an impression that the trap of industrial claustophobia is unavoidable. Not for long, as the machinery fades away, giving space for extremelly deep, calm pads, like if machinery city was devoured by a tidal wave into ocean's abyss. Then there're approaching some hypnotic sequences, making you sleepy, drawing you in deeper and deeper... The slow, dreamy plunging is relaxing, but will you find a will to emerge and take a...

9.75   4 1756 kuuntelua

In Deranged Mind 02.12.2003


This tune is kind of strange, even as for me. I was strongly influenced by precursors of electronic music like Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage or Arne Nordheim, who made so-called electroacoustic music, basing on samples transformed in primitive yet impressive way. Here you will find no rhythm, no melody, neither atmosphere. It is based on sounds, single sounds, which can be appereciated when listened the right way. It requires quite a lot of devotion to understand and find this music beautiful.

8.67   4 1550 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Fonofobia 02.12.2003


Black. Schizophrenic. Evil.
Gloomy voyage into the darkest corners of listener's soul. Deep, steamy drone invites you to step the doorsill, after which freaky feedback-based sounds leave no doupts about the realm you have been trapped in. Luckly, the rhythmic part seems to be your banister helping not to fall into total insanity. Or maybe it's only an illusion?
This is a dark ambient tune with a little influence of electroacoustic and industrial music.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

8.8   4 1803 kuuntelua

Sculptum 03.12.2003


Minimalism, monotony and hypnosis - these words fit perfectly to this experimental ambient tune. No melodies, no drums, just a pulsation of overwhelming, drilling sound that crushes anything in its range. On the other hand - smooth, belly hits and metalic sounds trying to keep a tight hand on the enraged pulse. Althrough it's very simple in construction, I consider it as a breakthough in my musical progress.

7.5   2 1492 kuuntelua

Nois Psyche 02.12.2003


My first truly ambient tune. Deep, frosty soundscapes pierced by rattling sounds and drummy effects; heavy and noisy loop that tries to put some order into fractality of environment filled by an arctic cold; strange whistles approaching from a distance... If you're into stuff like Biosphere, you should try it.

9   2 1368 kuuntelua

The Emergence 03.12.2003


The evolution of spacesynth in my performance. This one is quite far from music presented by Laserdance or Koto, still having the elements of style they have developed. Strong melodies, light mood and analoque sounding - ever liked? Try this.

9.17   6 3956 kuuntelua
Morning Trance

Suns Of NSI 03.12.2003


Highly melodic trance track with some goa inluences. Light mood and relaxing melodies make it very good when you're waking up, althrough there's a change of mood at the end, which disturbs considering it as another happy, cheesy trance.

8.8   4 2220 kuuntelua

Bluest Orb 03.12.2003


An old-styled electronic song. Some similarities to J.M.Jarre and synthdance, constains even trance and berlin-school elements. This tune is one of my most successful pieces, enjoyed by spacesynth fans as well as goatrance maniacs.
It's also one of my first tunes made with Reason, additionaly no other synths were used for making this one.

9   3 2372 kuuntelua

Nitrogene 03.12.2003


This one is very melodic and energetic goatrance, kind of old-school, althrough two-part construction makes it different from usual goatrance. If you're a fan of Cosmosis, Prana or Astral Projection, give it a try.

8   1 1706 kuuntelua
Chill Out

Omnicycle 02.12.2003


Chill-out with some trancy elements. Spacy and deep. Two-part construction: first one is pure chill-out, the second one is faster, more trancy, though it uses rather unusual rhythmics as for a trance music.

9   4 1855 kuuntelua

Bonus Operandi 03.12.2003


An attempt at joining drill'n'bass a'la Aphex Twin with symphonic score - really quirky result. Don't take it too serious :)

8.5   1 1642 kuuntelua

Revealer's Trek 22.03.2007


My first spacesynth track released on the web. Very simple, almost primitive, some people like it anyway :)

9   1 1287 kuuntelua
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