You know THE DREAM about to be famous rock ´n roll star? You know THE DREAM about to be person who´s face is printed in every magazine cover in every month? You know THE DREAM . . . so I´m quite sure that You also know that THE DREAM is so hard and almost impossible to catch . . .

Do You want to catch THE DREAM?

I think that They are not willing to catch that dream.
I think that They are pleased to be in shadows as so far.
That´s why They live BEYOND THE DREAM

...a little bit information about Their name. Beyond the Dream was found in late of year 2001 when Harri and Ville decided to give a birth to a band where They can do everything They wanted to do in music. And so They did...at the time Their music was quite fast and blackmetal influented darkmetal. After two demo(n)s, Charmed for Love & Blessed in Grief (2002) and 13 Steps Away from Heaven (2003), and after seven recorded songs They have lost Their inspiration to do this.

Almost three years band was buried (exept those few graverobbing nights They spend playing Their old songs) and forgotten while They do something else with some other bands. Then in a summer 2005 inspiration was found again. "We were so lucky for that ´cause that leds to reincarnation of the band". At the same time Otto joined the still nameless crew. After that band was baptised and the name was Beyond the Dream. Late summer They started to practicing Their new things... songs called My Cradle and She wants More was gathered up. Then it was the right time to reserve studio... after three days of playing, thinking, playing, thinking and still playing at Studio Watercastle in Jyväskylä My First Day Alone demo saw the burning daylight in november 2005.

Few weeks after releasing My First Day Alone Teemu and Petteri joined Beyond the Dream. Now the new songs are under practicing and constrution...and I think that Their intention is to enter the studio again in early year 2007.

...keep on catching THE DREAM
...or keep on just dreaming and living BEYOND THE DREAM
Just like They do...

- He who keep the handle of everything . . .

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