Dying Sun

Dismay | 12.04.2005 | Melodic Death

Eyes Closed demon kakkosraidan remaster. Lätyn nopein ja rankin vääntö.

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Kappaleen sanat

Yet again while blazing ahead
I see the shades of the still dying sun turning red
On my path of no destination, no clear end
I’m trying to form the whole picture, clearing my head

Filled with lies, sorrow, pain, anger and despise
My mind is falling apart
My life drained before my eyes
Always seem to be in the middle
Listening to the worries of another
Still there’s no one to hear your cries
Why would they bother

Relief – could it be?
A Change – could I see?
Salvation – No, there’s not one for me

Walls around you crumbling,
Disappearing to the mist
All your loved ones
Do they still exist?

Still rushing on the path, trying to get away
The sun now dying in the shades of purple and blue
Hate, anger and deceit still draining the life away
Is it not over yet, what is there for anyone to do?

Hatred all around don’t feel myself home in here
Hypocrites blaiming others for their fears,
judging others to face false destinies,
I’m forced to be in between, in this agony

Wasted a part of my life on this filth
Now grown weary, I feel sick for their guilt
Think it’s my time to run away, to take my leave
But from your blood it’s hard to run, it won’t leave me be

Making up my mind – are they my kind?
Still have an open fate – want to make my own state

The picture is whole now, but am I?
Been held in between, but why
Doesn’t matter anymore
For this I won’t feel sore

The sun lies now dead and buried
As do my forever lost emotions
The path now getting fuzzy, almost makes me worried
Don’t know were I am, so closes my circle of confusions

Will I see the resurrection of the Sun
I just don't care
All has been done


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MDJ 14.06.2006
Biisissä hyvä synkkä ja vähän surullinen tunnelma. Ois vaan paremmat soundit ku laulukaan ei kuulunu kunnolla. Melodiat on tosi hyviä. Kuuntelen varmasti toistekki tätä biisiä :)
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