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I kept my eyes peeled on a loophole
Used the chance I had and got through 
In the outer side of a broken past 
Sensing the freedom at last 
An upbeat outcast 

Skies are illumined 
Decaying lights are just a relic of the bygone times 
This newfound mindset allows me to be
Beyond the system that restrained me 

I reach to reclaim the view I had 
Lost it in the pressure couldn't stay intact 
But now my eyes are open wide to see 
The light in redemption 

Right there right before my eyes 
The shimmering periphery to freedom lies 
And now my eyes are open wide to see 
The light in redemption 

I'm loose from the fading lifelines
Building solely on my needs 
But I made a choice to be 
destined into uncertainty 

What if they find you when
you're weak alone unwell
Are you willing to cross the line?

Your lifelines will be few
As forsaken all you knew
For the sake of your notion

See the light 
A border to freedom 

What if they find me when
I'm weak alone unwell
Am I willing to cross the line?

After taking this step
Which I still might regret
There is no going back


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