What U thought

Jaxx Mistah Wodou | 10.01.2007 | Dancehall
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u still keep scratching yo head cant let it go thinking bout question why?
was all so cool about it but u selected fire
u neva knew about it but then detected signs
ended up fool just becuz neva respected mine
dont need much words to explain the shit
it takes more than a man to face this danger shit
u get what u order and in a sec it be over
its a handshake or revolva, but either one is real cold
oh but thats the way it goes yeah
i hit a nigga when i start to spit them flows yeah
slow but steady keep on marching forward,
chargin on ya, the glocks are loaded
but i cant really get enuff of this rough shit
to cool my mind take a long puff kickin dust shit
stay conspicious bout trust shit, looking 4 my bitch to fuck with, and all the fakes get busted, wow

what u thought when u saw me walking by heard u talking isnt that provoking yah
what u thought when u saw my sneakers all my sexy chicas all my senoritas nah
u have to see how i roooll, just smoothly go with a flow
i got enuff friends n fos and i dont trust in no hoes

it feels the stress and the pressure getting too large
bulletproof vest on my chest cuz the line aint too far
u wanna test chose the best like the cuban cigar
end up like rest having less with eternal scars
nigga u aint have no balls u just talking big
but i know round the corner u be sucking dick
all the bitches and snitches u walking with
ready for war to be raw cuz u dont know 2 quit
u wait in line just for mine to be loading shit
but i just smile buck fire and unload the clips
bow u better bow down and kiss my feet
it was written, i aint gonna miss my hit

as i come in and take off my coat
the verse is over.. what u thought


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