I Miss You

Jusuf Julma | 25.11.2014 | Experimental

Ystävälle syntymäpäivälahjaksi, kaipuun sanoja syvältä sielun syövereistä.


You moved so far away from me
And I'm missing you
I'm missing you

I believe everything is fine
And I think you did the right thing
But still sometimes
I wish you were here


Oooh, sometimes it feels so empty
Without you
I miss you

When we are slowly growing up
Some good stuff is left behind
But that's not reason to get dull
Cause something new is always going right
We have to get up, pick up, write up, found out
Do that, it is what, it's, always been about
And right now it is time to break the limits one more time

Some days are better, and some are worse for me
Anxiety around is getting huge sometimes
It doesn't matter, because, allways, when it's, hard
I can recall good times
And I remember what made us so special

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