Heartquake In Trepidation

Last Drop Rapture | 22.06.2006 | Goregrind

recorded 2006, zombeja

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Kappaleen sanat

Ravishing my mind with images of violence.
Carves me deep inside quickly spreading decadence.

I don't care about anyone or anything anymore for it all is just a reflection of reality and nothing matters as long as I can beat your brains out and eat your guts.
Covered by gore and showered in blood of the weak enough to be caught in my hands.

Blood drenched zombie! My eyes can only see victims as all run and hide or try to resist the legion of the ones that have risen from their graves. Hunting for their brains and hungry for their remains. Dismayed shriek across the air while I'm eating entrails.

Everyone that's left behind, will soon join our feasting time
in our eternal march of death.
Everyone that's left alone, will soon join our hungry groan
in our eternal march of death.

Die! Bloody corpses lie around the desolated city ruins.
The hunger never sleeps. It searches for another prey. No other thought would cross my mind. I reach out for the food that's still living and trying to escape but it's all in vain.
Covered by gore and showered in blood of the weak enough to be disemboweled.


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