Apocalypse 29.09.2017


They wanted us to expand the cult with any means nesessary. But something went wrong. Old Butcher and
the others… they are all dead and something got out

7.89   14 65 plays

New Disease 31.08.2015


Second single. Straightforward metalcore straight form the depths of a crazy man's mind

8   20 81 plays

Vultures of the Cursed Square Live 13.05.2016


Uusi kappale live vetona BarRockBearin lavalta. Mystisyys vahvistuu loppua kohden.

7.69   27 166 plays

Malice 17.08.2015


First single. Mystical and hard as hell.

7.86   10 68 plays

Moonstrux - Crush Kill 'n Destroy 03.06.2018


Chapter 4 Crush Kill ’n Destroy:

Apocalypse was a failure and it even turned against us. So it is time to make a new plan. ”What if we could plant something in their daily lives. Something easily approachable. Something that could take them in control, without them even realizing it? Dr. Agenryft, arena is yours”.

6.75   19 48 plays
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