Deep In My Heart

Mr. Cosmo | 06.09.2007 | Eurodance

kappaleen tekijä: Jaakko Hernesaho
vokaalit: Miika Kosola
räpit: Devil

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Kappaleen sanat

Beating of my lonely heart
Shining of the endless stars
Those are signs that tell that I’m in love

You’re the only one I love
You’re the most shining bright star
There’s a place for you deep in my heart

Waking every night alone
feels so bad

why can’t you stay with me tonight

Seeing you with someone else
makes me sad

why did you take me off the light

Dreaming about you,
won’t make it better
My heart is so blue,
you’re gone forever

Memories of us together
make my cry

why did you leave me with my tears

Wondering what I did wrong
till I die

why can’t you overcome your fears

Baby listen to this


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