Mean To Be Mean [LIVE]

NaNa | 09.01.2019 | Live

säv./san./sov.: NaNa

Ehta liveveto - yleisöä 0 hlö :D

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You are too blind to see
how nude I'm in front of you
You are too proud to be
good, this game you will lose

If you mean to be mean, then just leave
If you mean to leave, please just let me be

Your face will fade away, now is my fucking payback time
But still you feel ok, anyway

Don't fool me, I see right through you
You won't get in my head
Don't put words in my mouth
I hope you'll see I'm not dead

If you mean to be mean..

Your face will fade away..


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Oikein upea veto, kauniita sointuja, hieman surumielinen melodia ja väkevä lyriikka kulkevat hienosti käsi kädessä. Upeaa dynaamista tulkintaa - tulee mieleen niin Tori Amos kuin Alanis Morissette.
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