A Day in Thor's life

Portto & Pappuri | 04.06.2014 | Folk Metal

Just an ordinary day in Valhalla, amongst Thor and his friends!
No ordinary man can stand
the fierce blizzards of the fjord
mjölnir pounding on his steel
Hear the call of the north

The hammer forged his soul
Forged these mountains and the might in his heart!
Hear his mighty battle cry, his mighty roar!


In these icy lands i wander and slay
These icy serpents after my throat
Fight till death eats my soul
My head wont be a barbeque

Valhalla, oh afterlife
My icy throne
Shall not be taken
By the giants of fjóldnar

Now come and heed my order
Open the gates
In my kingdom cold
Open the gates for meeeeeeeee!

With might i fought, but enough is enough
Ive had enough, of these giants in my mother north
odin mighty father, grant me sight, beyond sight
Sif, bring me beer and meat to restore my might

My mjölnir pounds their heads
Bashes their brains off
My throne shall not be taken
Not by anyone

This is the viking life!
Drink beer and make war!
Giants and serpents
Just go and fuck off

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