Total Fucking Shit Exclusively


Rape the Cosmos 21.10.2007


from the EP Lascivicious ascension of misanthropic nihilism (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi) recorded 2006.

9.67   5 522 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Proficiency 20.10.2007


From EP Lascivicious ascension of Misanthropic Nihilism (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi) Music recorded 2006, vocals 2007

9   2 427 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Chalice Of Life 25.08.2006


from Black metal terror
performed by Bileam

9.5   0 580 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Sexual Knife Penetrator 26.08.2006


From Blessed and unemotional. Remastered and drunken.

10   3 650 kuuntelua
Black Metal

hail to the kings 24.02.2006


G.S.Immolatus: Guitars & Backing Hails,
Bileam: Bass/Voxx


In these times of broken witchcraft
No lack of people but people of lack
Hail to the kings of black metal
Hail hell, Hail hell you fuckers

I have come in to being indeed
those crucifixes will be rammed deep
They have come from leber
Intoxicate this fucking nation

Epileptic behaviour from the leaders
bowing to wrong directions
all paths lead to end
all paths started from the east

I have come in to being indeed
My dogmas are rammed deep
They have come with black death
Destroy the monuments, stop the...

9   1 722 kuuntelua

For Vengeance and War 02.12.2005


From Angerfront EP.
Music by Bileam.
Alcohol reigns supreme... As it seems !?!?!?!?!

6   1 684 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Angerfront 02.12.2005


From Angerfront EP.
Music by G.S.Immolatus.

8.33   4 785 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Darkness Overcome 02.12.2005


From the album Black metal terror.
performed by G.S.Immolatus

9.5   1 808 kuuntelua
Black Metal

I Despise 02.12.2005


From Angerfront EP.
Music by G.S. Immolatus

8   1 461 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Destiny to Serve (burning session) 07.06.2005


From Servant

Music by G.S.Immolatus

Nigthly burning session that happened few years ago in my home.
Burn your flesh for devil.

9.5   1 615 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Locked, Yet Powerful 07.06.2005


From Servant

Desolate and Majestic is the grandeur of all.
Dead of Thunder the most beautiful sight.
Vox stellarum the music for the genius.
Like the lion has his response I have my demons,
But I also have my angels. The reasons of wildly flowing
Blood is no secret for me. Future is always based in past.
There are no things that cannot be opened.

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

9.33   2 851 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Sin Oriented In Blasphemy 07.06.2005


From Servant

Hear me you divine! Hear your slave of power.
Turned black to blue, pale as death, cold as waters.
Desecrator of life and death, sin oriented in blasphemy,
Wisdom based in negativity.

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

9   1 626 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Servant 05.06.2005


From Servant

As the twilight fades and the night conquers me
I transform in the beasts of past…
And I kneel, kneel before my majesties as I am the
Servant of Death herself. 06.08.02

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

8.5   1 718 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Misanthropic Nordic Primitive 13.04.2005


Album: Blessed and Unemotional
Vocals by Morgion.

As I look these eternal woods from the desolate and ancient hill,
In the silence of the night only hate wanders here. No human beings,
No human life. Transforming with dark, raw energy, the living art.
Masterpiece, misanthropic, Nordic primitive.

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

8.43   6 1253 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Scourged By the Wrath of Christ 13.04.2005


Album: Blessed and Unemotional

Fire walked that night
Antichrist send fear on our side.
Let the life depart from your body.
Steel knife controlling your flesh.
Domination humiliation
The lord of thousand faces enters your temple
The pain is transformed to will of living
Profanation meditation
Scourged by the wrath of Christ
I hope you fill find that light. 29.09.04

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

7.25   3 898 kuuntelua
Satanic Black Metal

Childraping Blasphemy 10.04.2005


Album: Blessed and Unemotional

Fanatic obsession for destruction.
Satanic overpower action.
Masochistic view to this life,
Masturbating when someone dies.
Bloody leather whip and tight cunt.
Stinking corpses, shit, ready for the hunt.
Swear you love for Satan, obey me!!
Penetrating your ass with knives, last things you feel.
Perversions and agony, total hate and sodomy
Child raping blasphemy, Child raping blasphemy!!!

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

8   1 1020 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Necropedosodomy 13.04.2005


Album: Blessed and Unemotional

Pearly gates fucked up, raped angel fucks.
Hordes of evil attack, anal fuck with hellsluts.
Necropedosodomy. Hell fuck pain
Golden showers and shit rains
Impaled angels in misery, meat profanation.
Strangulation of innocent, corpse fornication.
Stabbing over twenty times
Satanic killer in highlight
Killing spree, bloodline.
Master Satan in highlight.

Music & lyrics by G.S.Immolatus

7.67   0 725 kuuntelua
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