Speed-O-Phile (demo)

ThrashMail | 11.01.2014 | Speed Metal

"Laulut", kitarat, bassot by VM. Rummut by Boss BR-1180. Keskeneräinen. Itse biisi alkaa n. 5:n sekunnin kohdalla.

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Verse 1
Speeding down the road, gasoline in my veins
Something inside my head, driving me insane
Another turn ahead, I push to breakneck speed
Hear the mighty engines roar, my shiny silvery steed

Never stopping - through the night I ride
Keep on going - ‘til the day I die
Meter keeps rising - mile by mile
Fuck the law - I’m a speedophile

Verse 2
At the bottom of a ditch, lying badly hurt
My trusty metal stallion, stained with blood and dirt
I hear the sirens, as they’re closing in on me
Fuckin’ cops I hope they don’t take away my keys

Verse 3
Strapped in a hospital bed, sucking meals through a straw
Despite my driving skills, I couldn’t escape the law
At nights in my dreams, with my stallion I still ride
Speeding down that same old road, LOOK OUT I’m a speedophile


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