Hardcore Rap

BrutaL Ft. RocKy & Mc Lazy-A - Represent (Sessari) 10.11.2014


verse1 BrutaL
Verse2 Rocky
Verse2 Mc Lazy-A

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BrutaL - Darkness & Silence 28.10.2013



(Verse 1)
I’m walking in the shadows through the dirty halls.
Words of the voiceless sprayed on the walls.
Sun goes down and the night falls upon.
Darkness and silence all the light is gone.
Writing rhymes and line until the dawn.
Footsteps are heavy but I got to keep moving on.
Fuck this society they say I don’t fit in.
No future but they say keep living.
sharpening my blade writing rhymes just sitting.
I will never give up and I Will never give in.
I got my third eye now I can see.
I can see that freedom ain't free.
Everybody blinded by lust and greed.
Anything for...

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Hardcore Rap

BrutaL - Devil 21.09.2012



There’s a devil inside me now I’m going to unleash it.
Back down or fight because its going to bite bitch.
It makes me want to curse it makes me want to hurt.
It makes me cold and at the same time it burns.
And it talks to me I’m fucking losing my mind.
It takes me to the shadows I see no light.
I can’t sleep because its talking in my head.
Flames of hell and the voices of the dead.
Fuck the peace i see rebel and mayhem.
Pray for mercy motherfucker say amen.
Stick a knife in your chest you drop on your knees.
Cut your fucking throat and let the blood bleed.

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Hardcore Rap

BrutaL Ft. Mc Rocky - Hands Up 19.06.2012



(Verse1 BrutaL)
Brutal is back with that hardcore shit.
Filthy words rhymes and lyrics.
Avoiding the law because my music is illegal.
My music is too dope and too fucking evil.
Got to stay strapped because every day is a war.
Got to keep rolling like a thunder storm.
Fuck that club music I don’t need it.
This is deep shit from the streets bitch.
I don’t want to hurt anybody but I just like it.
Take a shower with gasoline and I can light it.
From the streets to the streets and around the block.
Hood to hood this is never going to stop.
I talk about what i see so fuck your...

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Party Rap

Party Music ft. Lc ss 05.08.2011


party music...

Miksaus: MJC Beats Pro.

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