BrutaL - Devil

BrutaL | 21.09.2012 | Hardcore Rap


There’s a devil inside me now I’m going to unleash it.
Back down or fight because its going to bite bitch.
It makes me want to curse it makes me want to hurt.
It makes me cold and at the same time it burns.
And it talks to me I’m fucking losing my mind.
It takes me to the shadows I see no light.
I can’t sleep because its talking in my head.
Flames of hell and the voices of the dead.
Fuck the peace i see rebel and mayhem.
Pray for mercy motherfucker say amen.
Stick a knife in your chest you drop on your knees.
Cut your fucking throat and let the blood bleed.
Your body turning cold and you stop breathing.
Your last tear drips and your heart stops beating.
Blood thirsty psychopathic mentality.
This is lethality pure brutality.

Inside me there’s living a devil.
Anger , hate , agony and rebel.
Murder rap , blood and heavy metal.
Adrenaline pumping inside your blood vessels.

I slice faggot rappers in to little pieces.
Put them underground when my devil releases.
I’m a psycho maniac with mental diseases.
Watch your fucking mouth my anger increases.
Rip your body parts off and put them into plastic.
Six feet deep dead and buried in the casket.
Payback revenge I’m not going to chill.
I’d be a serial killer if words could kill.
You’re just braggers I’m the attacker.
I’m your worst nightmare the rapper kidnapper.
Lead you to the darkness and take your life away.
watch what you say this might be your last day.
Aggressive and raw I just cant rest.
I’m insane motherfucker rip your heart out your chest.
And no one ever finds out the cause of your death.
Your soul is the only thing you fuckers got left.

Deadly dangerous devils composer.
Can you feel it? The death is getting closer.
Your body temperature is getting colder.
Your soul creeping out your life is over.
What the fuck is up are you all ready?
Your next address is going to be the cemetery.
I spit these bars like AK spits bullets.
listening this shit is like playing Russian roulette.
I sold my soul to the place called hell.
Put my fucking name into your brain cell.
Heavy metal titanic chaos and panic.
I’m a make you and addict this shit is lunatic.
I’m a grab it and load it (what?) my automatic.
This is drastic a murder rap classic.
Hardcore rap lyrical predation.
Explosive inimical chemical combination.
unknown subliminal digital threat for the nation.
I’m full of this cynical critical inspiration.
Musical criminal causing devastation.
The illest piece of junk of all my creations.


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Majestic420 06.01.2013
vitu hyvää settii :)
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MJC 09.12.2012
guud shit homie ! holla back ! ;)
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Pysäytys^^ 30.09.2012
täähän on vissii ku mun synttäri lahja ku samaan päivään tänne tullu
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RockyH 24.09.2012
awesome :O
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