Empirical Human Experiments


5. Where There's Shit There's Bound To Be Flies

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Shackled in my cave
Hanging like a dead meat
Waiting for my acts
To study human anatomy
Body odor smells
Panic before cutting
Long lasting agony
Horror in the labratory

Violent surgery
Extacy in blood
Creator of pain
Prolonging the torment

This is the moment
When I become a man of science
Sadistic researcher
- Experiments with humans

Cold steel in rust
Cutting tools in shape
Sound of ripping skin
Insides on the floor
Uncontrolled slicing
Detached particles
Mutilating harrashment
In the name of science


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dj jeba 23.10.2005
iha nhyvä bise...Mutta joku mättäs
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Analstorm 04.07.2005
ai jukran pujut...hyvää matskuu ootte saanu ulostettua..meinas peräsuoli revetä..ouh..täs oli groovee :D
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