Darker World

Damnation Plan | 26.11.2007 | Death Metal
9.33   660 kuuntelua

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In the night they find you
forsaken son of god
the one who's been forgotten
left in the hands of eternal fate

sudden reach of a memory
a scene a long time in the past
the voice escapes you
as you realize their appearance

and the moon is a paleing
witness of this fatal scene
the evil resurrection
has seen the dark of the night

watch the people crawling
so weak before the dark
seeking for a shelter
loosing the game in their mind

no one seems nearby
just the dark surrounded sky
a feel of something getting nearer
a gradual loss of one's faith

is it the fate of deceive
that's been hunting for us?
waiting for us to break
waiting for us to stray
all these days never leaving our lives
until it's too late for us to see the light


what is the reason for walking this path
with a lifetime of misery?
is it that something that's been
ruling us all behind this dreadful scenery?


this world's growing darker every day
le leaving us a chance for nothing
but an inhumane stay
as the wheels keep turning around
there'll be no tomorrow with
the future as we see it today

as the wheels keep turning around
there'll be no tomorrow…

the day comes when we ask for returnal
of this place that’s become nocturnal
when we reach the darkness eternal
indifference of the world will
finally see its end

as the wheels keep turning
we’ll all burn down
if the wheels keep turning
there’s no return

--CHORUS b--


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