Sunshine Lost

Nyhde | 25.06.2023 | Psydub

The summer we could've wasted.

Winner of Jamsteri's Bad Samples, Better Song contest (, and the very first dub track I've ever finished.

The track's production diary written in Finnish can be read at

Thank you to veezay for reminding me how noise works and lending his ears for a final checkup, a special thank you to bze for the studio listening possibility and valuable feedback, and a very special thank you to Jamsteri, who made us a sample pack full of actually usable tools and gave us an extra week for working with them.

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LordSenator 04.07.2023
Jos laivareissu biisi ei ollut yhtää hauska niin mitä paskaa tää on?Tästä ei saa mitään irti kun järjettömän vitutuksen. Kone biisin tekee kuka tahansa ja paremman.
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