Selfblind | 06.03.2009 | Death/Thrash

Remembrance (EP) 5/6

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Face down on shattered ground,
can you hear the sirens,
from the distance?
Sweet scent of guilt trips to come.
Passing thru the air.
Silence, as a witness I flee from this scene,
remorse remains unspoken.
Malice, be my drug as I wash myself clean,
from stains that remind me of you.

Damaged virtues left behind in despise,
no longer feel the fever. Hopeless, needless,
I have found a new way.
To feed these thoughts in me.

Salvation is nothing compared to your face,
looking up from under my boot.
Deep in me and more stronger than the strongest root,
sever the nerves that hold back.

Strike down all the laws that we've all learned to love.
I hate myself for feeling.
Sorry for myself for not belonging,
to this mass with a false sense of justice.

Tattered and torn, every cell screams in me.
Becoming malignant thru time.
Hopeless, needless, coming undone as we speak.
Here freedom is just a headshot away.
Thru this glass everything seems distorted to me,
I'm bringing the pieces together with hate.
Deep in you I am the edge of the flesh cutting blade,
I sever the nerves that hold back.

My will bends fate to service.
Born...without the eyes to see
God speaks thru the dead in me.


Cutting through the statistics.
Erase all doubt.


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