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I've been overwhelmed by the response people have shown to the projects of mine. Many have asked if it is possible to offer donations via PayPal, and while I appreciate the thought, I have to decline - I hold the freedom of art and music in great value and as my life is currently economically stable and sustainable, I'm in no need for extra money. However, I believe that we live in a middle of truly extraordinary times and there are lots of intense changes going on in the world at the moment, and now more than ever healthy sense of responsibility and unselfishness is needed. So if you enjoy the soundscapes and are wondering, if there are some way you can lend me a helping hand and make the world a bit more balanced place, please make yourself acquainted with the following organizations and their work:

Plan International
Amnesty International
Worldwatch Institute
Fair Trade

If you find the ideas presented by these organisations to be acceptable and interesting, please offer your support to them instead of me. Thank you.

Recommended reading:
The Consciousness Revolution (Lazlo, Grof, Russell)
Profit Over People (Noam Chomsky)
Making Globalization Work (Joseph E. Stiglitz)

Other projects of mine:
~ Celestial Aeon Project ~ Frozen Silence ~ Roomful of Emptiness ~
~ Warehouse of Distant Dreams ~ Project Retouch ~

~ Sæunn Seiðunn ~ Ashtart Visage ~ Cavatoris ~ Authentique ~
~ Pohjoinen Ulottuvuus ~ CXS ~

Ambient broadcast: Meditation FM

Project Divinity produced background soundscapes for G13 podcast The Rikter Game.

Second Awakening was chosen as a track of the day and track of the week on
Chill Out

Not alone in Kyoto part 1 02.12.2014


First part of my Not alone in Kyoto trilogy I produced before leaving on a trip to Japan.

-   0 1311 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Where the Dead Lay 29.09.2005


... we arrived to the fields where the forgotten dead lay buried ...

9.35   21 19905 kuuntelua
Chill Out

Hollow City 14.04.2006


A short and simple electronic soundscape with mellow beat and movie-soundtrack feel. Floating in the world of Blade Runner.

9.5   7 9359 kuuntelua

Third Awakening 06.03.2006


...celestial visions... (version 2 with slight balance changes, lowered the piano volume a bit and made the fade slightly longer at the end)

9.43   6 8712 kuuntelua

Ethereal Awakening 30.09.2005


... celestial visions...

9.13   28 14090 kuuntelua

Second Awakening 30.09.2005


... follow the light...

9.5   8 9211 kuuntelua

Ethereal Void 07.10.2005


...we're gliding in emptiness...

8.93   12 9188 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Cemetery 05.12.2005


These dead are not truly dead....

9   3 10412 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Gathering Dusk 29.09.2005


... darkness didn't come alone ...

9   4 10013 kuuntelua

Inside a Cocoon 30.09.2005


... a miracle inside a cocoon ...

9.2   2 7292 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

In Mist Shrouded 30.09.2005


... strange shapes in the mist ...

9.6   1 9653 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Twisted Machinery 30.09.2005


... "These machines give me creeps!" ...

9   6 7649 kuuntelua

Little People 30.09.2005


... we're nearing their home ...

8.43   4 7790 kuuntelua
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