The Monastery of Galamor

Christer Holm | 19.07.2005 | Soundtrack

Part of "Legend Of Anval"The party has reached the fabled Monastery of Galamor in the great mountains of the Rachzam Range. They are greeted by three monks who show them the way inside. The divine tranquility is overwhelming as they walk through the shiny marbled hallways. In the Great Hall of Sanctuary they meet Eldor Darklight, a powerful wizard who has withdrawn to the monastery to avoid the dark clerics of Barnagos, who once slew Eldors apprentice and drained Eldor's powers. Only under the protective spells of the Galamor Monks has Eldor been able to avoid detection. He took a sacred vow that he would one day overcome the dark clerics, when his powers are complete. That day is near as the party has come to seek his help in regaining the Crown of Anval.

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