The Storms of Aldar Prime

Christer Holm | 19.07.2005 | Soundtrack

: This song is influenced by Synth gurus like Jarre and Vangelis. Aldar Prime was a peaceful world. In the year 2550 the Aldar Prime colony was established. The colony was a self sustained world in itself. Life was good on the colony until the year 2567 when The Storms arrived. The Storms were of unseen magnitude. They completely destroyed the colony. Thousands of colonists were killed in the Storms. Only a handful of colonists survived the Storms. They gathered their most valued possessions and headed for the Mountains in the distant. During the next months the survivors managed to build a settlement in the mountains. They survived until the finally in the year 2568 the UTS Anteria arrived on an exploration operation. The crew of the UTS Anteria found the settlement in the mountains. Thus ended the colony on Aldar Prime. Similar Storms are rumoured to still reign on Aldar Prime. The planet has been designated as an off limits world in order to protect colonists from a similar devastation. Experience the feelings of the colonists in this musical experience. April 27 1998

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IPS 31.12.2010
I feel much indiference in many parts, there is no special part =(
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