Frightening Changeling

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6. frightening changeling told otto von a. when he was travelling in near east, that he is a changeling. this had a very large effect on otto because he actually was an orphan found at the stairs of an orphanage. as he reached the age of seventeen he discovered in his file a set of photos about a situation of weird operations made in the past. he was confused and burnt the whole orphanage but no-one died. then he ran away from jurisdiction and discovered the underground world where he permanently changed his name as otto von arschharner. no-one knows why it is like that but some doubt it is about the operations that made him take the name as to somehow outsource and alienate himself from him oblivious past. this is a song made by him but never before published.

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Takuya 11.01.2007
Mielenkiintoinen kappale, ei oikeen tule sopivia sanoja kuvailemaan sitä.
Mutta, i like it!
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