Without another beating heart

FALLEN | 30.09.2012 | Heavy Metal

Uuden "six feet under" -EP:n neljäs raita.

Naislaulu: Maarit Penttilä
Kosketinsoittimet: Ville-Veikko Vähäkuopus


1. In your eyes I saw my reflection,
that made all the mistakes in the past
unburden the walls surrounding me
to make me even more vulnerable

2. Take a good look at me,
tell what do you see,
nothing more but a frail human being
let me ask you one thing before I go
Is my life everything that you wish for?

I am a what I am
my life is like this
broken to pieces
and I know what it's like
when no one's by your side
without the warmness
of a another beating heart
I will give up

10.00   427 kuuntelua


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