Waltz of the Maggots

Frostbite Orchestra | 05.03.2011 | Valssi


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Kappaleen sanat

How does one exile
A destructive feeling
That's eating him up from inside

Slowly I realise
I'm losing my sanity
As if maggots held a feast in my brain

Like a dead man I seem
And cadaverous I feel
Yet ready to burst into song

Can anyone tell
Do they hear it as well
As the waltz of the maggots plays on

Like a cancer they feed on my mind
Seizing control and keeping me blind

Never felt a cut or the blow of a gun
But I lost the war before I knew one had begun

The world seems so miserably cold
I’d give my soul for some warmth
But it’s already sold

How I miss living outside these walls
Old floors and those tightly locked doors
But the wench alone knows where’s the key

Held in submission like a fish on a hook
By someone half my size who cries while reading a book

Longing for freedom, yet there’s no escape
Caught in a prison with care as the gate

I'm but a frail
Penumbral shade
Afterglow in the back of your soul

All that I've got
A mind left to rot
When you slaughter my thoughts with a smile


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