Reverse Psycho

Dual | 09.09.2012 | Metal
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Verse 1:
Cession, obsession, aggression
Passion, depression, oppression
Now I can't take much more
So I must come and watch you go...AWAY!

Boredom corporate mind control

Verse 2:
Violance, annoyance, my nuisance
Approval, a-tonal, stress signal
Illness is now my host
Makes me do things I'm appose...GET OUT!

Psycho Riff:
I'm a psycho n' I accept it
I'm a rotten anorectic
I'm a fist to your faces
I'm a wrist bleeding aces

Psycho Riff 2:
I'm a heart full of vices
I'm a voice that entices
I'm a liar with a bad mouth
I'm on fire there is no doubt

Psycho Riff 3:
I'm a loco out of choices
I'm a motive by the voices
I'm a faggot in a costume
I'm a middle finger nostrum

Psycho Riff 4:
I'm a bruise on the server
I'm a nerve never pervert
I'm a fix for the moment
I'm a shell for improvement

Outro vocals:
Conceal my embrittlement, hide all my secrets
Reveal them brittle men, psychos on reverse


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