Like A Maniac

Shine Fish | 24.11.2018 | Eurodance

lappuhaalarit päälle ja tutti suuhun!

vokaalit tarjoili Teemu Kiiskilä ja Henrika Nieminen viimevuotisesta turun syntetisaattoriseuran ysärikilpailusta, johon tämä ei ehtinyt osallistua.

10.00   548 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

coming to you like a heat wave
time is now so let's play
boom boom when i look at you
think about what we could do
crazy is the world you my love bird
when i see your booty shake i don't want a heartbreak
come on baby badabum badabing
we can make the real thing
bring it back like heart attack
wrap it up in plastic bag
you got me feeling
i wanna be dealing
you make the rules
and i bring the moves

get crazy on the dancefloor
like a maniac

move it groove it shake it and break it
feel the heat i know we can make
the bass will make you lose control
the party's on let's dance alone
you hear my voice i take the lead
ecstacy's what you need
hit the dancefloor reach the sky
the party's on and you know why

feel the rhythm deep down inside
feel the beat all through the night
don't be afraid, take a chance
just let go and do the maniac dance
and do the maniac dance


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