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Melodic Death

Loathe 24.04.2008


Ennen julkaisematon zipale samaisista sessioista. Näihin kahteen kappaleeseen (tämä sekä Astral Burden versio 2008) pätee seuraava parametri: tiedämme suurimman osan asioista mitkä ovat vialla korvienne kuuleman äänivirran suhteen mutta tuntekaa itsenne vapaiksi kertomaan kaikki asiat jotka ovat mielestänne vialla. Otamme vaarin jos otamme. Kiitos kaikesta palautteesta.

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Melodic Death

Astral Burden 2008 24.04.2008


Tunaroinnin, paskojen saundien, erilaisten asioiden opettelun ja muutenkin vaivalloisen taipaleen läpi.

Tässä olisi nyt tuoretta paskaa, avatkaa sanaisat arkkunne, rakkaat ystävät.

Kappaleen sanat löytyvät alempaa sivulta.

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Melodic Death

Mindfold 08.07.2008


Kolmas kappale samaiselta demolta.

i am not certain of certain things
meanwhile i am able to look into your eyes
slowly moving you aside
couldn't think of a compromise

Not worthy of one glance of yours
not worthy of your caress
if you won't call my bluff
i will

explain these feelings to me
clarify why they
run cold
they are
ment for another story
marked with your pain
i am free but not free of guilt
so forgive
my only way to untie this

i am decay
i am deceit
do not offer me a feeling
i can't repeat

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Melodic Death

A New Departure 16.09.2006


this organ of greed and hate
i curse it down to hell
it turns my pure blood black
i am behind this fence
merely an observer of my actions
but i am trying to break free

i enter my heart with fear
with it i'm bound to disappear
but do i have the force

this pitch-black flame is burning me from inside
i will set a proper end for this proper lie
a glance through my glassy eyes
and i fall down on my knees to cry

the singularity within me
it'll devour me eventually

i enter my heart with fear
with it i'm bound to disappear
what a loss

soolo: Jukka Hautanen/Tero Holma
soolo: Juha Ekola

i enter...

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Melodic Death

Astral Burden 24.07.2006


a flame seized in a pit on the surface
seeing it all collapse and begin again
twisting slowly
to the point
the point that will torn us all

the matter and the energy in one single point
the point of timeless time
with a mission to grow and to crumble down
my astral burden

a message sent to never reach the observer
but to reach the sender once again

a beautiful sound of going back to the start
entropy has turned its face
unleash it again
with horrific noise
and a picture of a mother nursing her child
all in a glimpse

a blink of the observer
an endless film of blazing implosions...

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Melodic Death

The Race That Failed 18.04.2006


The gift of your life buried under
the money and the wealth
the fortune and the fame
and this four made it the same

You are searching for the truth
with your heart blinded
until you must seize and ask yourself "did I really find it?"
I see the world dancing on roses
the humankind poses
and the all-seeing eye closes

Standing on the ashes of humanity man reaches for the skies
a sight not ment for human eyes
with all his lies he falls into demise
and away with the ashes he flies

This great masterplan
it all seemed so perfect in your mind
now it's all in ashes
yet you laugh
you fool...

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Melodic Metal

Silent Force 30.01.2006


An army of novas, they're staring blind.
The final truth that we'll never find.
Countless Observers and countless flaws.
We are the enemy, counting the stars.
If your lord says the sky will turn crimson and fall,
just believe him, bow down, and be the coward that you are.

Chant him to spawn some blessed rain on your fields,
turn the other cheek and lower your shields.
(put 'em down)

Feel the force of the universe, the one and only god.
Within its grasp of might you lie.
Choose your course, feel the power of your own will.
Or drop yourself to the hands of YOUR god and die.


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Melodic Metal

Balance (set free) 19.01.2006


a soul more beautiful, the one above all the rest...all that is holy in your heart
you held and caressed

All this good i tried to protect,a heart so pure is so hard to neglect
Holding the balance between day and night
(a source shining crimson light)
waiting for the blasphemy, to set it free
And so shall it be.

Though years passed by, They can not take my
Will to try, to try that one last time.

holding it down for as long as it could, so selfishly,
though i knew it was ment to be.
where is the haven for you and me?

Have you ever seen beauty torn to ground.
Disgraced before my eyes,...

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